Non-native English speaker (sounds like Angsana 442183) calling Lambangan (sounds like). Not sure if this is an unintentional relay or legit traffic, but found it interesting nevertheless.  


265.350 PAC: Dante calling Mauka on VSAT and reports in the blind that they were in some weather and radios not working too well — informs AR complete, topped off max gross.  


Had a brief clear transmission on 260.375 from unIDed operator — sounds like he mentions 25K data gate (or DAMA?) voice or something like that.  


Argos Juliet 9 calling Argos Romeo 3 for a comm check on 251.850 MHz.  


260.675 Wolfpack calling Wolfpack Alt (sound like) for a radio check.  


6640 USB 0321: Hawaiian 46 with San Francisco in phone patch to Medlink in regards to passenger that had a personal oxygen concentrator that was failing. They requested permission to use onboard oxygen for remainder of flight. Woman came back on the phone informed Medlink that the flight attendants had gotten the passengers oxygen machine to work but would monitor if anything changed.  

6687.5 USB 1410: 2OMFUJ calling OMFUX (on ALE).

6688 USB 1429: Presumed JMSDF station JJG8 and C0H (sound like) with radio check. At 1446 UTC they were monitored again confirming receipt of TTY message that had been sent prior.  

Logs 25-Feb-2015

6694 USB 0637: Halifax Military confirming from Submarine Windsor (barely audible) message ZIDC31LS0156.  

9073.5 USB 0005: Lima Charlie 59 calling Agent Sierra and requesting clearance to cross the beach and proceed feet dry. Comms are related to Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) activities at Camp Pendleton.  

11175 USB 1652: Travis and Hickam with HF radio check.  

11175 USB 1657: Tail 8879 and Reach 7045 with radio checks.  

11175 USB 1750: Malibu 58 calling Mainsail — advises they were over California and need assistance contacting Bigfoot on 364.2. Hickam operator did not seem to understand their request at first, and after some back and forth Malibu 58 was finally given a discrete of 6.993.  

11175 USB 1828: Elvis 61 attempting contact with San Francisco Radio (accidental wrong freq) and gets answered by Offutt.  

Logs 24-Feb-2015

5785 USB 0322: Unid stations transmitting in ANDVT.

9073.5 USB 2357: Agent Sierra calling Red Beach and passes traffic in the blind that “179” is offload complete and will be “feet wet” to Intrepid Raider.  

11175 USB 0109: Pinon 72 wkg Offutt for HF ops check.  

11306 USB 2124: Boeing 20 requesting selcal check on CRDJ from Boeing Seattle. Negative selcal and aircraft will try again once airborne.  

Logs 23-Feb-2015

8012.9 USB 0041: ANDVT

11175 USB 2050: Fear 14 wkg Red River for HF comm check.  

11205 USB 2149: Vancouver Military wkg Demon 65 (not heard) in USB voice and ANDVT.  

11220 USB 2010: Cowboy and Mainsail conducting HF radio check.  

11342 USB 2230: Delta 636 in phone patch via San Francisco Radio to Delta Dispatch.  

13348 USB 1944: WestJet 3004 w/ San Francisco for phone patch to WestJet operations.

261.725 Ice 31

Caught an interesting exchange between Ice 31 while they were attempting to land at McMurdo. Ice 31 ends up having to RTB back to Christchurch due to poor weather conditions.  

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