Logs 3-Oct-2015

5732 USB 0210: Zeal 09 calling Sector Los Angeles.  

5732 USB 0907: Coast Guard 1502 requesting guard from COMMCOM and informs they have 07 POB en route to search and rescue case.  

6935 USB 2107: Unid stations in ANDVT.

11282 USB 1800: Teal 83 reporting to San Francisco (not heard) position of 31-42N 128-20W at FL260 and reports operations normal.  

12222 USB 1219: R26553 calling SANNG on ALE followed by Alamo 03 calling Alamo Ops (not heard) and informs they are landing at David Hooks.  

Satcom clear comms on 260.725 from Big Dipper calling Northern Lights and Red River. Station at first used another call, Comm Third Fleet.  


Patrick Air Force Base conducting satcom ops check on 261.575 via CONUS.  


261.725 Ice 04

On September 28th, the U.S. military kicked off the annual 2015-2016 season of Operation Deep Freeze, which supports the U.S. Antarctic Program and the National Science Foundation. Here are some communications monitored on frequency 261.725 from Ice 04 and Mac Center discussing the weather conditions at Pegasus Airfield.  

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263.675 ATC Mobile (USCG Aviation Training Center, Mobile Alabama) calling COMMCOM (USCG Communications Command) for a radio check.  

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261.825 Slayer

Unconfirmed station (sounded like Slayer something Tango) calling for radio check. This was logged from the Pacific region on frequency 261.825 MHz.  


USCGC Northland attempting comms with USCGC Venturous on 401 net.  

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251.850: Outlaw 41 calling Valor 77 and Bravo 42 calling Executioner Ops.  


7527 USB 1721: Coyote 23 reporting to Red Hawk they are southeast of Sedona and ops normal.  

7527 USB 0250: Coyote 66 calling Red Hawk and informs they are RTB.  

13907 USB 1720: COMMCOM advising Coast Guard 1704 they need to contact “ComDet West” on the “PAC” ALE address.  

20890 USB 1917: 45E calling 04D on ALE followed by voice from “145” securing guard with Click Back (sound like) who was barely audible here.  

Logs 26-Sep-2015

5732 USB 1529: Coast Guard 1701 wkg COMMCOM for radio guard and requested switch callsign to Omni 45.  

6692 USB 0741: Air China 887 wkg Magadan Control for selcal check on GLFS. Boeing 777-300 from Beijing to Los Angeles.  

6706 USB 0649: Trenton Military volmet. Seems to be transmitting on wrong frequency.

7000 LSB 1511: Indonesian chanting stations.  

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