251.850 CONUS: Aircraft Maintenance performing radio checks. Station had a terrible feedback squeal during their transmissions.  


HF Logs 27-Jan-2015

4571 USB 0305: Unid OMs with informal sounding conversation. Probably fishermen.

4753.5 USB 0223: US Navy MARS stations NNN0ANF and NNN0ZKQ with QSO about digipeaters and packet radio.

5432.1 USB 0457: Aircraft 830 conducting HF ops check with Aircraft 833 and both reported loud and clear. Later came up attempting checks on HF2 radio but was a no-go.  

5699 USB 0741: ANDVT

11175 USB 0313: Romeo Delta 593 clg Mainsail.

11342 USB 0317: Alaska 840 with San Francisco for Medlink phone patch in regards to female passenger that passed out and was on oxygen.

HF Logs 25-Jan-2015

11175 USB 2020: Tin Keg (sound like) with EAM message FYBUUQ.

11220 USB 2215: Andrews Maintenance conducting test counts.

11342 USB 2209: United 635 in phone patch with United Dispatch via San Francisco Radio. Dispatcher informed flight about sigmet for severe turbulence at 142W extending to 152W from FL270 to FL340.  

11382 AM 2158: All India Radio broadcast showing up in 11 MHz aeronautical band. Transmission was drifting downwards slowly. I first logged it on 11383 and it made it down to around 11381 before signing off.  

13927 USB 2031: Reach 533 requesting phone patch from MARS station 3NT. Reach 533 informs MARS operator they were over Mountain Home AFB in Idaho.  

17946 USB 2230: Trek 30 wkg San Francisco.  

18795 USB 0925: Golf, Corvette, Mike and Delta in USN air defense net — Activity related to USS Theodore Roosevelt COMPTUEX off Florida.  

260.725 Fear 31

260.725 CONUS: Fear 31 clg Fear 33 and Red River on the CONR-2 net.  

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262.125 Axe 12

262.125 CONUS: Axe 12 calling Warhawk Ops for comm check on satcom.  


261.775 CONUS: Nighthawk 12 calling Cactus on for radio check.  


260.725 Doom 96

First satcom post of 2015. We have Doom 96 calling Red River on 260.725.  


HF Logs 10-Jan-2015

17946 USB 2131: Cabal 01 flight wkg San Francisco Radio with position report of 56-10N 152-45W in the block FL240 to FL260. Cabal 01 receives selcal check on GRHC.  

17946 USB 2149: Cabal 02 requesting selcal check on JPCS from San Francisco. Cabal 02 also requesting direct to 55N 150W at FL410.  

17946 USB 2217: Cabal 11 wkg San Francisco at position 55N 153-02W in the block FL240 to FL260.  

5574 USB 0827: Air Force One wkg San Francisco for selcal check on AEMP and reports they are CPDLC. This flight with President Obama returning to Washington from Hawaii.  

5574 USB 0829: SAM 44 requesting selcal check on AKFP from San Francisco Radio.  

Logs 20-Dec-2014

5547 USB 0507: Rouge 1827 wkg San Francisco for selcal check on CQKS. They self identified as a Boeing 767-300 C-FMWV en route to Maui.  

5547 USB 0533: Huge 22 wkg San Francisco with position report — advised when overhead FAPIS to contact Honolulu on 126.6.  

5547 USB 0552: Reach 354 declaring emergency for flight control malfunction to San Francisco Radio and requests direct back to Travis.  

5547 USB 0608: Air Force One and San Francisco attempting multiple selcal checks. At first they have no luck and they maintain listening watch. Several minutes later Air Force One comes back up on frequency for another check (which was successful) after they re-tuned their radio.  

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