Polar 01 with off deck report to Mac Center. Polar 01 informs Mac Center they departed at time 0225, estimates the South Pole at 0450, and estimated time back to Pegasus is 0715. Polar 01 later heard reporting various Pole # checkpoints to Mac Center and mentioned about being in contact with the DZ controller for the Skiway Amundsen drop zone. Pretty neat to be sitting here in California listening to an aircraft flying over the South Pole.  

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261.725 Frozen 07

Operation Deep Freeze activity continues on 261.725. Here is Frozen 07 reporting with Mac Center at position URROA in the block FL180 to FL260, estimates SNIPT at 0333 and BOENZ next.  

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267.050 CONUS: Radio checks from Grumman 81A and 31A calling Base.  


261.875 Reach A612

261.875 CONUS: Brief comms w/ Reach A612 calling Republic.  


263.675 Zeal 09

Zeal 09 (USCG HC-130) clg HMCS Vancouver for a radio check on 401 net.  

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Logs 19-Nov-2015

11494 USB 1641: Alpha 58 requesting OTAR for a DVP-200 from the Service Center.  

24838.5 USB 1720: 00T calling 01D in ALE followed by voice comms from “X-ray 3 Foxtrot” and “Tango 9 Charlie” with radio check.  

Logs 14-Nov-2015

6888.1 USB 2217: Command and Piper 4 conducting radio checks and stations sounded like they were testing selective calling and some type of VHF to HF interconnect. Activity likely related to NVIS Communications out of California.  

Logs 9-Nov-2015

3048.4 USB 0351: Foxtrot Charlie, Whiskey, Lima, Juliete and others in US Navy air defense net off Southern California.  

Logs 8-Nov-2015

11282 USB 1958: Reach 293 and Evac 71437 wkg San Francisco.  

11282 USB 2226: Convoy 2682 wkg San Francisco with position report.  

18594 USB 1804: A0M calling EST on ALE followed by Omaha 760 wkg Hammer for radio check.  

Logs 4-Nov-2015

5732 USB 2012: Service Center informing “1709” about a new COTHEN antenna located in Honolulu and requested them to resound radio to test the new antenna.  

10242 USB 2357: 8MR reporting ops normal to Hammer and asked them to give radio check on Air 3.

18594 USB 2236: Omaha 760 calling Ramrod and informs they have detected a rustica (sound like) semi-inflatable with 15 POB at position between Cuba and Florida. There was heavy fading making for a tough copy.  

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