Logs 22-Nov-2014

5061.6 USB 0332: WQLE815 NVIS Communications stations w/radio checks and testing voice scrambler.  

5547 USB 0550: Navy RD322 wkg San Francisco.

Logs 21-Nov-2014

5711 USB 0448: King 52 reporting to Moffutt Rescue they are 15 minutes out and Alpha 1.  

Logs 19-Nov-2014

5253.5 USB 0300: NF114AG wkg NMC Camspac Pt Reyes for radio check.  

6640 USB 0250: United 391 wkg Dispatch (ARINC phone patch in progress) in regards to non ticketed person that boarded aircraft. The dispatcher informed the pilot the incident was part of nationwide airport security test. Thanks nickcarr for the spot report!  

7891 USB 0404: Fishermen w/ XXX language. One of them mentioned catching 50 and 70 pounders.

11232 USB 2103: Air Force Rescue 221 in phone patch w/ Coyote. Rescue 221 informs that Air Force Rescue 680 has landed and made contact with ground party and that wreckage had been found and were in process of coordination.  

Some odd activity noted on 265.350 this week from unknown stations being relayed via the POR region. Here is a brief recording of traffic w/ talk of engaging CRP 4. Signals were extremely weak making copy difficult.


260.425 Rescue 470

Clear voice from Rescue 470 calling RCC for a satcom radio check.


Unknown station with radio checks on 266.850 via the Pacific Ocean bird.


257.050 Ice 22

Ice 22 wkg Charleston Remote Operations Facility regarding question about the TAF they received for the McMurdo Pegasus Ice Runway.

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257.050 Skier 12

Skier 12 calling Mac Center and conducting radio check with Charleston ROF.


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Radio check from “745” calling “Spear 99″ — refers to channel as Sat 90.


261.575 Vegas 91

Good signal from Vegas 91 calling Jolly Ops on satcom downlink 261.575.


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