Coast Guard 1716 calling JIATF South for radio check on the 401 net.  

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268.150 CONUS: Station conducting a test “off the ball” as they said.  


Activity on 266.750 via CONUS from unid aircraft testing comms.  


261.675 CONUS: Eight Zero Battallion requests radio check from any station.  


260.525 active with some of the regulars — Assassin 6 clg Ironhorse Main.  


Hard to make these guys out, but sounded like Specter Nighthawk Bravo.  


255.350 PAC: Chupa 61 calling Raptor Base (sound like) on satcom.  


Open microphones with music playing was heard over the Pacific satcom.

253.650 was active with Chinese or Asian sounding karaoke music.  

257.050 open carrier and music playing in background.  

262.275 Occasional music. Have logged Russian pirates here in the past.  

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11282 USB 1741: San Francisco wkg Dog 75 with ATC clearance to FL220.  

11282 USB 1746: Malibu 74 wkg San Francisco with position report of 31-58N 129-04W in the block 280 to 300.

11282 USB 1848: Orca 70 reporting to San Francisco at position BAART 1848, estimates BARAZ time 1935 and BILLO next.  

11282 USB 1923: Elvis 65 wkg San Francisco for selcal check on CPKS. Flight self identified as C-17 tail # 92-3291.  

11282 USB 2018: Keys 82 wkg San Francisco for selcal check on KQRS. Aircraft gave tail # of 57-1486.  

16085 USB 1459: Hammering Hank (sound like) clg Alpha for comms check.  

16180 AM 2101: Cuban HM01 numbers station.

11175 USB 0744: Zarp 45 wkg Zarp 43 and also conducting radio checks with Red River.  

16078.6 USB 0051: Hawk 2 calling Kokomo multiple times for HF radio check.  

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