260.725 Fiji 1

260.725 CONUS: Fiji 1 and Fiji 2 conducting satcom radio checks in the clear.  


Logs 19-Dec-2014

5693 USB 0222: Hard Charger calling 174 in clear voice after brief ANDVT exchange.  

Logs 16-Dec-2014

5534.1 USB 0431: Unid OMs with some strange conversation about some text message received.  

5547 USB 0736: Extender 66 reporting position to San Francisco — Checks position AXELE 0759 at FL380 estimates ADOPE 0852, AUNTI next.  

5711 USB 0454: King 52 passing info to King 53 regarding Moffett weather for 0600 Zulu.  

Logs 8-Dec-2014

4149 USB 0628: WPE Jacksonville attempting contact with Tug Navigator.  

5010 USB 0115: Males in Spanish language.  

5757 USB 0059: Stool (sound like) wkg Cavalier with coordination about landing times and ordering 4 large pizzas for the crew. At 0125 I logged Thug 30 and Thug 40 w/ talk of switching to 138.100 for interplane. Players noted on 5757 again to advise information Tango current and landing runway 16. Signals were much weaker at this point.  

5875 USB 0108: ANDVT

11234 USB 1610: Males with Australian sounding accents having information conversation.

257.150 CONUS: U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk calling SESEF Mayport.  

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Logs 6-Dec-2014

5770 USB 0407: Romeo Kilo calling Papa India Oscar 21 (sound like) in Spanish language.  

5785 USB 0305: ANDVT

8771 USB 0351: Appellate with EAM message GB5LDP. (possibly transmitting on wrong freq should be 8776 kHz?)  

11218.4 USB 2154: Mojo wkg Thug 10, Outlaw 21, Felon 10 calling out multiple targets. References to GPS jamming, SAMs and MANPADs. Also heard Pablo 15 calling Weapons School Ops and references to a tower freq 327.000. Activity possibly related to USAF Weapons School at Nellis.  

11282 USB 2202: Spar 55 wkg San Francisco for selcal check on ADJP.  

11306 USB 1742: Boeing 267 and Boeing Radio conducting radio and selcal checks.  

Noticing a bit more clear voice on 260.725 lately. Logged Doom 96 calling Red River and Skull 26 calling Mud Bug for radio checks.  


261.775 CONUS: Nighthawk 10 calling Cactus for “1174” radio check. Interestingly enough I have also heard them on 262.125 with same reference to “1174” during radio checks.  


265.250 Colt 58

265.265 CONUS: Colt 58 calling JIATF South on satcom.  


Logs 22-Nov-2014

5061.6 USB 0332: WQLE815 NVIS Communications stations w/radio checks and testing voice scrambler.  

5547 USB 0550: Navy RD322 wkg San Francisco.

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