9032.4 USB 0922: Poodle in radio check w/ Charlie Zulu.  

11175 USB 1657: Fire Light w/ EAM message QZTECN.

13170 USB 0647: ANDVT

13221 USB 0613: COLDBAY calling EPP in ALE followed by voice traffic from USCG Cutter Healey and CommSta Kodiak w/ radio checks.  

13224.1 USB 0506: Blue Light attempting comms w/ Cheetah 26. Blue Light requested position of furthest north buoy. Cheetah 26 reports the sonobuoy position 19-00N 157-40W. Stations continue to have problems hearing each other and Pathfinder 17 comes up and relays for Blue Light.  

13224.1 USB 0609: Blue Light giving Pathfinder 17 secondary tasking to locate AGI position, course and speed. Pathfinder 17 also asked Blue Light to relay their tasking to callsign Rhinoceros. Blue Light unable to copy and asked Pathfinder to call on the Iridium phone.  

9032.4 USB 0718: Giraffe wkg Charlie Zulu w/ radio check. Charlie Zulu also calling Wallaby for their position, course and speed. Wallaby gives position of 22-25.85N 158-36.08W. Activity related to RIMPAC 2014 taking place near Hawaii.  

9032.4 USB 1400: Dalmatian calling Charlie Zulu in reference to operations from 0800 to 0900. Activity related to RIMPAC 2014.  

9032.4 USB 1113: Charlie Zulu requesting Panther to confirm time of launch and recovery for Parakeet 40 helo mission from previous day. Most likely RIMPAC 2014 related.  

11494 USB 1529: Service Center calling Alpha 41 for radio check.

13221 USB 0614: EPP calling NOJ in ALE followed by USB voice comms from USCG Cutter Healy and Commsta Kodiak with radio check.  

6693.1 USB 0719: Cheetah 77 wkg Blue Light with report. Activity related to RIMPAC 2014.  

6693.1 USB 0927: Trial 30 wkg Blue Light. Activity related to RIMPAC 2014.  

6693.1 USB 1224: Trident 40 calling Hunter 42. Activity related to RIMPAC 2014.  

8843 USB 1835: Cactus 432 wkg San Francisco for selcal check on HPAQ. Boeing 757 from Phoenix to Kahului. Aircraft was directly overhead my location during this transmission — Wow what a HUGE signal!!  

13224.1 USB 0523: Albatross 10 clg Pipeline and reports operations normal. Activity related to RIMPAC 2014.  

Logs 11-Jul-2014

6761 USB 0120: Dark 43 calling for any tanker on HF voice. No response was heard.  

11175 USB 0109: Clean 21 wkg Elmendorf requesting phone patch to Travis AMC Command Post.

11175 USB 0111: Alvin 28 clg Red River advising negative contact on VSAT.  

13200 USB 0059: SAM 538 wkg Puerto Rico for radio check.  

13224.1 USB 0956: Redhook 41 w/ Pipeline and requests activation of uniform link primary for troubleshooting gator.  

6693.1 USB 1315: Unknown aircraft with Japanese accent (something 25) wkg Blue Light. Comms appear to be RIMPAC 2014 related.  

13110 USB 0306: WLO attempting to raise unid vessel “on Ch 607 and Ch 1212″ w/ no joy.  

13224.1 USB 0257: Pipeline wkg Albatross 09 (barely audible & sounded Australian) — likely RIMPAC 2014 activity.

Logs 20-Jun-2014

6803.1 USB 0342: ALE from WQLE815MH and WQLE815CVLCLIEN followed by USB voice w/ Cultivale (sound like) wkg Kennedy. Stations possibly using Barrett 2050 and 2090 HF radios and were discussing selcals and troubleshooting issue with secure comms. Stations later established comms that utilized some type of freq hopping technology.  

6996 USB 0430: Looking Glass calling Desert Eagle.  

7838 FM 0334: Bastard clg Joker, Rough Neck, 66 Alpha and Echo.  

Logs 17-Jun-2014

7838 FM 0320: Joker calling for radio check.  

7838 FM 0338: Devil clg Bastard for radio check.  

7838 FM 1710: Bastard wkg Joker (not heard) and informs of possible enemy ambush site near grid 724464. Most stations unheard at my location and heavy fading made for difficult copy.  

9031 USB 0542: Van Dyke wkg Ear Guard for troubleshooting of sending FSK data messages.  

Logs 16-Jun-2014

7838 FM 0341: Bastard clg Trident 1 multiple times; no response heard.  

Logs 15-Jun-2014

5532.7 USB 0803: Fishermen w/ talk about satellite phones.

7838 FM 0601: Bastard calling Falcon 2. Interesting to note that stations were communicating using FM voice.  

8764 USB 2229: USCG Communications Area Master Station Pacific w/ automated voice giving the frequencies and schedule for high seas weather reports.  

8810.5 USB 2000: 9YE calling LBJ; mentioned that he was on channel 42 — No response heard.  

11175 USB 1655: Evac 337 clg Mainsail for radio check.  

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