Clear voice from Wave Knight clg JIATF South on the 401 satcom net.  

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Logs 31-Aug-2016

11282 USB 0331: Teal 76 calling San Francisco for a radio check and informs they will be operating in the vicinity of Hurricane Madeline in the block from 5,500 to 10,000 for next 3 hours.  

11282 USB 0406: San Francisco passing SIGMET R-13 to American 161 in regards to Tropical Cyclone Madeline located 19-18N 150-18W with CB tops to FL530.  

263.675 Zeus

The “401 net” on 263.675 MHz had some activity with Zues ## stations.

Zues 11 calling Dark Knight.  

Zues 51 calling Joint Interagency Task Force South.  

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261.575 CONUS: Warlord 9 calling Nighthawk 9 on satcom in clear voice.  


260.725: Rogue 07 attempting comms with Red River on CONR2 satcom net.  

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260.725 CONUS: Jolly 42 and Jolly 41 calling Jolly Ops for radio check.  


260.725 CONUS: Aircraft 37 calling Red River for VSAT radio check.  


251.950 Bravo Xray 05 (sound like) calling unknown for radio check on satcom in the Pacific Region. Accent did not sound American perhaps New Zealand or Aussie?  


Logs 24-Aug-2016

6761 USB 0554: Rook 26 clg Mainsail.  

6761 USB 0750: Mighty 54 Flight calling Roman 84.  

8753.4 USB 0457: Waverider 01 clg Island Tribe with operations and position report. Activity related to RIMPAC 2016 in Hawaii.

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