265.350 Devil 01

265.350 Pacific Region: Devil 01 calling Mauka Control.


Logs 17-Oct-2014

5545 USB 1314: Unknown Asian accented stations conducting radio checks.  

5547 USB 0701: Convoy 3862 wkg San Francisco reporting position EDSEL at time 0702 FL230 estimating EDTOO at 0713. Handed off to LA Center on 132.150.  

5547 USB 0839: Teal 86 checking in w/ San Francisco; estimates BAART time 0851, BARAZ at time 1006.  

5547 USB 1216: Teal 77 wkg San Francisco requesting block 5,000 to 10,000. Teal 77 advised they would be heading to position 17-01N 156-32W to drop buoys into Tropical Storm Ana.  

5547 USB 1249: Sam 543 wkg San Francisco w/ position report and self identified as 01-0040.  

5547 USB 1258: Teal 87 wkg San Francisco at position BAART time 1258, FL260, estimate BEBOP at 1314, KSUU next.  

Logs 21-Sep-2014

7765 USB 0318: NASA 927 calling Cape Radio for radio check. Cape Radio informs they will maintain 7765 as primary and 10780 for secondary.  

265.250 Tiburon 720

265.250 CONUS: Clear voice from Tiburon 720 calling for radio check.


269.850 Aircraft 831

269.850 PAC: Aircraft 831 calling for radio check. Lots of background, but sounds good to me :)


268.900 SkySat Mobile

SkySat Mobile and One Mess (sounded like) with radio checks on a SkySat balloon.


257.050 Reach 5E2

257.050 PAC: Reach 5E2 calling Mac Center and Charleston for satcom radio checks.

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Received a strange message in Spanish on 251.275 MHz coming from an unknown satellite in the CONUS slot. I was told by henrygb on RadioReference.com forums that the message says:

Hi, I’m Julio Domingo , I want to share good news for Argentina , I want to report that the Chamber of Deputies of the nation which I reside approved local law sovereign payments sent by President Cristina Fernandez of Kitchner.

I guess we’ll mark this one in the oddball column of the log :)

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265.250 Blue Bell

Accented station identifying as Blue Bell calling JIATF South. It does not sound US. Ideas anyone?


Some activity this week on the Pacific satcom downlinks. Here we have Wolfpack calling “US Korea” (sounds like) on 260.675. He is then heard calling Roundup on the next transmissions.

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