261.675 Devil 00

261.675 CONUS: Voice comms from Devil 00 w/ satcom radio check.  


Logs 20-Jan-2016

13907 USB 2203: Zulu 29 calling Lima Kilo Yankee.  

Logs 19-Jan-2016

4125 USB 1043: CommDet Kodiak attempting comms with USCGC Mustang.

16078.6 USB 1915: Tiburon 909 calling Conan 27.  

Logs 18-Jan-2016

11175 USB 1618: Reach 144 requesting HF radio check and Rough Sack reports lima charlie.  

11175 USB 1619: Fish Boat with EAM message X2WUS6.  

11175 USB 1633: Ballpark with EAM message X2UHV2.  

11175 USB 2302: Southwest 849 clg Mainsail for radio check. Aircraft self identified as a Boeing 737 over Durango Colorado.  

12222 USB 2358: Omni 19 reporting ops normal and position report to Kokomo. Omni 19 self identified as tail number 1720. (USCG HC-130 aircraft)

Many stations conducting radio checks on 261.675 this week. Gun 1 and Gun 2, also noted Devil 19 and Gunfighter 6. More logged stations include Blackhawk 163 clg Boomer Ops and Charlie Dust Off and Gunfighter X-ray with radio checks.  

Devil 19 and Devil 06 conducting satcom voice checks. Gunfighter X-ray also calling for radio checks. Brigade Talk also heard calling Gunfighter Zulu among others. Lots of clear voice on this freq lately.  


266.750 Vaquero

Vaquero clg Desert Knight element for radio check via satcom on 266.750.  


Logs 15-Jan-2016

6908.6 USB 1204: Tiburon 909 wkg Omni 01 and passed update about TOI.  

Logs 14-Jan-2016

16078.6 USB 2122: Neptune 04 clg Kokomo on 16 megs. Neptune 67 was also heard calling about 10 minutes later.  

Logs 13-Jan-2016

4125 USB 1517: Crude oil tanker “Liberty Bay” (KLBO) conducting radio check with USCG Kodiak.  

6908.6 USB 0125: “09” wkg “01” (not heard) appears to be USCG surface assets. Mentioned things about needing food and supplies, talk of fiberglass hulled vessel and detainees. Stations later switched primary comms to CG-105.  

Logs 12-Jan-2016

4390 USB 0802: Music and occasional voice. Sounded like a phone patch.  

11494 USB 0049: Omaha 92F checking in with Hammer.  

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