6836.5 USB 0218: THORCMD1 calling GHOSTRICMD1 in ALE followed by ANDVT traffic.

6926 USB 0212: Crowbar calling Sixshooter for radio check — both report lima charlie.  

6935 USB 0219: Sixshooter calling Crowbar for radio check. No response was heard.  

9031 USB 2043: Alphabet attempting comms with Animation.  

11282 USB 2214: Lobo 01 reporting to San Francisco that they have good comms with LA Center.  

11282 USB 2257: Spar 65 w/ San Francisco. SF tells them to contact LA Center on 132.150.  

13330 USB 0159: Unid station (presumed Nairobi-Kenya Airways LDOC) wkg Kenya 529 with weather for Entebbe International Airport.  

18594 USB 0304: Rescue 1719 wkg Sector Honolulu and requests primary guard on HF ALE.

8356.6 USB 0444: Fishermen in English. They were mostly griping about paying bills, the government and how the fishery had not come back.

8833 USB 0254: Males with accented English. Not sure who they were but they did talk about heading 190 and meeting up at midnight.  

11175 USB 1937: Reach 975 calling Mainsail for radio check.  

11175 USB 1957: Reach 818 calling any station for HF radio check.  

10242 USB 0304: Omaha 6CS wkg Hammer for a radio check on the eastern node.  

14582 USB 2145: Omaha 05Q calling Roadrunner Base and informs ops normal and that they were RTB.  

6771.5 USB 0641: OM wkg YL in Spanish and occasional English mixed in. OM was reading groups of numbers (sounded like: 411G5 55033 X5000 88220 22200 00050 20301) and used occasional phonetics.  

10242 USB 0653: Delta 07 wkg Juliet 16 (sound like) regarding TOI that was momentarily DIW near position 24-19N 77-38W.

13251.5 USB 0244: Bug 01 (sound like) calling Raymond 33.  

13315 USB 0236: Lufthansa 506 and TAM 8101 wkg Dakar with position reports. Lufthansa 506 requested selcal check on MRDK.  

Logs 31-Mar-2014

8983 USB 0612: Camslant, USCGC Reef Shark and USCGC Dependable for radio checks. USCGC Reef Shark and USCGC Dependable with discussion about secondary VHF and stations QSY to CG-117.  

13306 USB 1010: Go Cat 2716 wkg Brisbane with position and requested selcal check on CQBG. Airbus A320 from Singapore to Perth.  

13306 USB 1142: New York wkg LEA022D.

13306 USB 1239: Rescue 932 wkg Brisbane reporting at position 32-16S 109-38E.  

Logs 30-Mar-2014

6695 USB 0449: Unid fishermen voicing his displeasure about someone and using XXX language.  

8983 USB 0634: ANDVT

13080 USB 0439: Males in unknown language with informal sounding conversation.  

13288 USB 0436: Alaska 863 wkg San Francisco. Heavy QRM from presumed Russian OTHR on same frequency.  

13306 USB 1402: Rescue 931 wkg Brisbane reporting position 31-00S 111-15E at FL250.  

Logs 28-Mar-2014

5628 USB 0624: Heavy Aircraft 87-0031 wkg San Francisco with HF radio check.  

6540 USB 0514: Unid males in English. Fishing related conversations and dropping occasional f-bombs.

8776 USB 0520: Break Foot (sound like) with EAM message DXVKH2.  

12172 USB 1206: Rescue 931 wkg Canberra Control with position of 27-16S 096-04E and reports operations normal.  

13306 USB 1402: Rescue 931 wkg Brisbane — requests to maintain FL270. Rescue 931 gave position report of 30-13S 107-54E.  

13306 USB 1445: Rescue 931 wkg Brisbane with position of 31-05S 112-27E @ FL270.  

Logs 26-Mar-2014

11232 USB 0216: Sentry 60 clg Trenton Mil reported from sector 8 with signal check. Sentry 60 requesting phone patch to Raymond 24 and passes mission traffic.  

13342 USB 0317: Unid aircraft wkg unheard station (presumed Stockholm Radio). Aircraft said he was transmitting from Winnipeg Canada and inquired to other party if they had received ACARS message.

21985 USB 0207: Reach 082 wkg San Francisco with position report.  

21985 USB 0210: San Francisco wkg Pat 108 and Petro 02.

21985 USB 0214: Reach 081 wkg San Francisco with position report.

Logs 24-Mar-2014

5732 USB 0535: Rescue 1701 wkg Sector San Diego in reference to medevac from Carnival Miracle located off Baja California.  

11494 USB 2348: Coast Guard 1709 wkg Commsta Kodiak for radio check.  

13306 USB 1404: Rescue 931 wkg Brisbane with position report. Radio operator had Chinese accent — likely related to search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight.  

Logs 23-Mar-2014

11494 USB 1910: Omaha 718 reporting to Hammer en-route back to North Island.  

13306 USB 0756: Brisbane wkg Rescue 89 and informs that Melbourne requests Rescue 89 report at 19-00S 102-30E with an estimate for Christmas Island.  

13306 USB 0945: Singapore 222 wkg Brisbane for selcal check on JMFK. Airbus A380 from Sydney to Singapore.  

13306 USB 1002: Brisbane calling Convoy 7942 and asked flight to call on 17961.  

13306 USB 1018: Go Cat 185 wkg Brisbane with position report. Airbus A320 operated by Tiger Airways en route from Perth to Melbourne.  

13306 USB 1030: Brisbane wkg Rescue 105. Rescue 105 position 42-55S 098-05E climbing to FL235 tracking 092. Next position estimate 42-05S 100-00E at 1045. Based on coordinates mentioned, this flight is likely assisting with Malaysian Airlines MH370 search in the Indian Ocean.  

13306 USB 1302: Rescue 795 calling Brisbane several times but no response. Aircraft possibly involved with Malaysia Airlines MH370 search.  

13318 USB 1402: Air Nauru 2 wkg Brisbane. Requested selcal check on HLCE. Boeing 737-300 from Brisbane to Nauru.  

13318 USB 1450: Korean Air 129 wkg Brisbane with position report. Boeing 747-400 from Incheon to Auckland.  

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