10242 USB 2204: Hammer wkg 74G and reports K-9 hit on the aircraft and would be looking for the pilot at one of the hotels.  

11175 USB 0449: Gray Knight 803 in comms w/ Elmendorf and requests DSN phone patch to Whidbey Duty Office.  

11175 USB 0720: Vocal Link (sound like) with skyking message: Scarecrow time 20 authentication FR.  

11209.4 USB 0504: Gray Knight 803 wkg Habitat w/ radio check and then into ANDVT comms.  

6575.7 LSB 1426: Pacific Ocean fishermen talking about non-sense and using foul language. One guy sounded like he might be drunk.  

7527 USB 0732: Hammer in comms w/ Omaha 74G, reports loud and clear on HF and has radar contact.  

10242 USB 2200: R26061 calling SFENG in ALE followed by voice comms from Lobo 10 calling Lobo Ops (New Mexico ANG) reporting ops normal.  

4125 USB 0547: Sailing Vessel Avante (sound like) in comms with Coast Guard CAMSPAC and confirms they will maintain 8 hour comm schedule on 4 megs.  

6227 USB 1412: Vessels taking check-ins for Amigo Net and heard wkg unheard station in Puerto Vallarta.  

6739 USB 0554: Backmoss (sound like) w/ skyking message ZEB time 54 authentication HH.  

11282 USB 0526: VDA4494 wkg San Francisco with position report. Ilyushin Il-76 operated by Volga-Dnepr Airlines en route from Kalaeloa to Edmonton.  

5732 USB 0423: TSC linking with R23949 in ALE followed by Service Center clg “949” for brief radio check.  

6837 FM 0145: RSOP 9 (sound like) calling RBE and passed traffic for evening report, which included providing a count of M16’s, M4’s, M9’s and NVG’s.  

6837 FM 2257: RSOP 9 (sound like) calling RBE for radio check in FM voice. (Stations were noted using standard NATO 150.0 PL)  

14582 USB 1604: Omaha 311MP calling Service Center and “950” on the west node.  

4752 USB 0315: Romero Romero calling Papa Oscar 117 in Spanish language.  

12222 USB 2127: T11 linking with TSC in ALE followed by voice comms from Service Center conducting HF radio check with 1MP.  

13312 USB 1351: APP linking with MR1 in ALE followed by test counts from unid male operator.  

14582 USB 0053: R08096 linking with DAVNG in ALE followed by brief voice from 096 calling and reporting 30 minutes out.  

261.575 CONUS: Radio checks from Kingfish 13 calling any station.  


Mac Center passing Pegasus weather observation (temp was -32C) to Ice 82.  

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Deep Freeze Ops, Charleston ROF and Mac Radio w/ radio checks on satcom.  

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