Unknown station conducting test count on 265.350 from the Pacific Region.  


Kauffman calling Alpha Bravo and JIATF South on 401 Net. This vessel was recently in the news — as they along with US Coast Guard recovered $23 million worth of cocaine in international waters of the Eastern Pacific.  

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Omaha 6MR clg JIATF South and Razorback (Puerto Rico) for radio checks.  

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8803 USB 0634: Maritime radio “Sécurité” message in French language. Could be from MRCC Papeete from Tahiti? I cannot understand it so any help is much appreciated.  

8933 USB 0059: Spur 93 calling San Francisco Radio.  

9311.1 USB 0727: Unid woman reading what sounded like an audiobook. This strange activity went on for a while. It was copied by mulitple locations in #wunclub IRC chat as well  

17904 USB 0217: N747RL giving position report to Tahiti Radio. Also hearing parallel traffic from San Francisco Radio wkg aircraft in the western Pacific at the same time.  

251.850 CONUS: Jackal 51 flight calling Valor 77 on Sat Bravo.  


8992 USB 0155: Quebec Echo 801 wkg Offutt for phone patch to VP-40 Duty Office.  

11396 USB 0921: Niugini 10 wkg Ujung Pandang with position report. Boeing 737 from Port Moresby to Manila.  

11396 USB 0937: Cathay 198 wkg Ujung Radio with position. Airbus A340-300 from Auckland to Hong Kong.  

11396 USB 1144: Qatari 957 wkg Jakarta Radio and for selcal check on HLAQ. Airbus A330 from Jakarta to Doha.  

260.525 PAC: Delta Dynamite calling any station for a comms check.  


Logs 30-Apr-2015

5574 USB 0446: Alaska 844 relaying comms from aircraft N1430C to San Francisco Radio. San Francisco also calls Alaska 828 and requests they relay to N1430C that Oakland Center has emergency priority handling for them into Santa Maria. Alaska 828 and Hawaiian 18 both reported back negative contact with aircraft — last time they talked pilot said he would be shutting down electrical systems on the aircraft.  

5720 USB 0537: ANDVT

5757 USB 0411: US military aircraft with a good amount of interplane traffic. They made references to Bell Town and Iron Cross, drop zones, SAMs and MANPADs. Aircraft had mentioned going into Albuquerque.  

11175 USB 2030: Pot Roast calling Big Play and Extradite.  

251.850 CONUS: Rebel 41 calling for radio check in the plain on Sat B.  


260.725 CONUS: Fear 76 calling Red River for radio check on CONR-2.  


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