251.850 CONUS: Chaos 14 calling Chaos 15 for a radio check on Sat B.  


266.750 CONUS: Loach 632 calling Valor Ops in clear satcom voice.  


Logs 23-Apr-2016

6640 USB 0547: N91KH in comms with New York Radio for radio check. Aircraft advised they were located near Bozeman Montana and requested selcal check for AEKS. Canadair Challenger en route from Spokane to Tulsa.  

6640 USB 1710: Air Transport 754CX requesting radio check from San Francisco — advised they were on the ground at Travis AFB.  

6796 USB 1736: Land Shark calling Icepack for radio check and then into ANDVT comms.  

Logs 22-Apr-2016

6715 USB 0443: Atlas 338 calling Victoria Military for a radio check and requests communications guard and selcal check on FMEL. Vancouver Military passes secondary HF frequency of 3152 to Atlas 338.  

6715 USB 0552: Atlas 338 calling Vancouver Military and reporting ops normal and in the vicinity of Medicine Hat, and requests traffic from Trenton RCC.  

Logs 21-Apr-2016

6631 USB 0558: Unknown aircraft wkg Petropavolsk in Russian language.  

6631 USB 0843: Abex 2283 wkg Petropavolsk Control and estimates position SENOR at 0919, FL370, next UB at 0921. Boeing 767-200 from Kansai to Anchorage.  

260.725 CONUS: Aircraft 5768 calling for a satcom ops check.  


Bull Flight calling Ox Blood for a radio check on 251.850 MHz.  


Totem 11 calling Mauka on the AC1 satcom net for a radio check.  


263.675 CONUS: Moonlit 91 calling Bull Dog for satcom radio check.  

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Have been hearing some clear voice on 263.675 in Spanish. It sure does not sound like your usual run-of-the-mill pirates. Could this be Central or South American military comms? Maybe from Colombia or thereabouts?

Dacosta calling Gladiador and 1-2-3-4-5 test count.  

Gladiador 4 calling Hermes.  


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