257.150 Siren Noise

Weird siren monitored recently on 257.150 — Brief voice in unknown language and he mentions satcom.  

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  1. ilferret’s avatar

    Hello and that tx was all about satcom testing all in Spanish maybe their accent is either Mexican or Spaniard they said Transmitiendo En Satcom and then the siren mostly used to gather other stations attention and leave the frequency open for any incoming or emergency message ( I was witness as a swl’er of the Hawkeye crash in the California coast a few years back and I could hear the whole thing in the HF-GCS frequencies and I mean Simulcast tx on all of them AND then the worst… the Hwakeye radio went silent and the system operator radioed a EBS tone the same type used in the 80’s to silence all frequencies and only EAM’s would be allowed AND only one very short coded message went thru then an air force aircraft was confirming last position of the last radio contact so it did very much reminded me of that) maybe activity from Spain since is a NATO member.


  2. Jorge E Mothmann’s avatar

    Chinese radio emergency tone (baofeng maybe) , argentinian accent
    “hello hello activating satcom”


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