262.125 Spear Ops

Aircraft 742 calling Spear Ops for radio check.  

Brief comms on 262.125 w/ Spear Ops calling Aircraft 776.  


  1. noname’s avatar

    wow, can I peak those with an Yaesu VR-500 – modulation-wise? thx.


  2. Brandon’s avatar

    The Yaesu VR-500 works but you will need to connect to an external antenna for satcom reception. I would not expect the best results on a rubber duck. For testing you might try seeing if you can hear the Brazilian satcom pirates on 255.550 MHz. This is a good way to test your reception.


  3. noname’s avatar

    hi Brendon, thx! i know about the antenna, but what about modulation, do i just set it to SSB and pick’em up on the speaker or do i need to hook it to a PC with some decoding software?


  4. Brandon’s avatar

    The comms we can monitor are in NFM mode. I use a logging/recording program called ProScan, but this only works on Uniden scanners. For your radio I am not aware of any realtime logging, but you can use any free VOX recorder and park the radio on a single frequency to monitor over a length of time. ScanRec is very good for this. Here is their website: http://www.davee.com/scanrec/


  5. noname’s avatar

    BrAndon (sorry) you just sponsored my intro to UHF-sat, thanks! the VR-500 made my radio horizons broader so i am looking forwards to jumping above 30MHz. great site btw, came by from swl-nomad. 73!



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