4737.4 Warships?

Over the past year I have caught some interesting traffic on 4737.4 kHz USB. At first I didn’t pay much attention to this frequency, as the comms sounded quite casual in nature. It wasn’t until hearing them mention warships, then I started to take notice. In the clip below you will hear a station identified as “0301” calling “9701 Atlas” reporting they completed the AAV2 with Warship 69, and were now engaging with Warship 38.

I also logged this frequency last summer and heard phrases such as “Red Coast Guard” and “Red Territorial Waters”. The users refer to this as Tac 4 and also gave mention of VHF marine channels. Callsigns heard include: 0301, 0302, 9701 Atlas, Caw 1 and 120. Both times monitored was during daylight hours so probably coming from the offshore Southern California area. If anyone knows who they could be please advise.

Listen to the audio 



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