5800 HAARP Transmissions

Here is another screenshot and audio clip of HAARP. This was recorded on March 28, 2011 from my location in SoCal. Frequency is 5800 kHz.

Audio taken from 5800 kHz around the same time.

Listen to the recording 


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  1. newq’s avatar

    Do your research. That’s a well known Cuban numbers station called M8a. Did you just tune this in and decide it was your HAARP stuff without any research at all? Figures. This is what the internet has done to us.


  2. Brandon’s avatar

    This is HAARP as confirmed by multiple sources/groups online and via #wunclub IRC. Also monitored on 3250 kHz. See this post: http://www.solarix.net/2011/03/3250-haarp-transmissions/

    M8a is shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDqtvBZnUJo

    No need to be an ass about things.


  3. JR’s avatar

    I also picked up these signals on 3250 khz and I also heard similar activity on 2850- 2950 khz 4900-5100 khz 5800-5900 khz 4210-4400 khz I also heard other sounds such as low humming sounds going up in frequency and loud woodpecker like tapping noises also going up and down in frequency. Check out Weird Tapping/humming/bomber noises on You Tube. I used a DX390 and a homebuilt SW crystal radio and guitar amp to track these signals. I am sure they are from the same source weather its HAARP or not.


  4. smarter than newq’s avatar

    Newq, you idiot, how does that sound like m08a in any way? You should done your search.


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