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Recently logged some aero activity on 6631 kHz from Eastern Russia. This is one of the RDARA (Regional and Domestic Air Route Area) used by Petropavlovsk ACC. They were working a couple United flights both reporting at position BUMEN out over the Sea of Okhotsk, flying eastbound towards SENOR, right near the Kamchatka peninsula.

Screenshot from Flightaware showing the approximate position of United 896.


And as usual, here is an audio clip of United 896 and United 110 in comms with Petropavlovsk Control for your enjoyment.  


DPRK-flagWith North Korea back in the news, I thought it would be a great time to check in with the Voice of Korea. Their English language broadcast from Pyongyang can be heard daily from much of the western USA. The frequencies to monitor are 9335 and 11710 kHz during the morning hours, and again in the late evening on 13760 and 15180 kHz.

15180 kHz – Response to US bombers over South Korea — DPRK strategic rocket forces ready to strike US targets and general threats of nuclear war.  

9335 kHz – Full broadcast from March 26, 2013 at 1500 UTC.  

9335 kHz – Full broadcast from March 29, 2013 at 1500 UTC.  

9335 kHz – Full broadcast from March 30, 2013 at 1500 UTC.  

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Chanters Revisited

Those odd chanting stations were monitored late this afternoon on 26225 kHz USB. Usually a bunch of stations join in and chant some word over and over for about 10-20 seconds. Quite similar to the odd activity that is often heard on 7000 kHz LSB and 11425 kHz USB. It is suspected that the comms on 7000 and 11425 may originate from Indonesia. However the activity on 26225 kHz activity remains a mystery for now.

Listen to the audio 



6990 USB on May 17th around 0300Z with looped message: “She had your dark suit in greasy wash water all year. Don’t ask me to carry an oily rag like that. They used an aggressive policeman to flag thoughtless motorists.”

Say what? That is exactly what a lot of folks were asking. After several emails to UDXF and other sources we are told the following.

“It’s an experiment for what’s basically an automated COMINT collection & analysis system that does speech & lexicon recognition — converts the analog to digital & then automatically looks at the waveform to compare it to cataloged targets.”

Here is a recording of the transmission taken from a Perseus remote in Florida.  


With President Obama heading over to South Korea for an international nuclear summit I figured it would be a good opportunity to try and catch Air Force 1 on the MWARA HF frequencies. Not knowing their exact route it was the matter of guessing on the frequencies to monitor, therefore I parked radios on 5667 kHz for Tokyo Radio and another on 6655 kHz for San Francisco Radio and hoped for the best.

Well….Got lucky this time around! Just before 1400 UTC Air Force 1 came up on 6655 kHz USB to give position and request selcal check from San Francisco Radio. He reported CPDLC on R580 at FL320 with a destination of RKSO (Osan Air Base). At 165E they would be handed over to Tokyo Radio, however by this time the sun was rising and reception to the far east was beginning to diminish.

Here is the recording of Air Force 1 and San Francisco Radio in comms.  

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HAARP on 3250 kHz

For the past several nights HAARP has been quite active. Last night it was monitored on 3250kHz with different tones/sweeping carriers. Very interesting stuff, especially when viewed on the SDR waterfall. Check out the 3 screenshots below (click for larger view).


To see when HAARP is active check out their excellent 36-hour Spectrum Monitor Waterfall Chart.


Kim Jong-ilOne of the great things about HF/shortwave monitoring is the fact we can listen to various stations from around the world. While many broadcasters have moved on to Internet streaming, there are still interesting stations to be heard. One of them is the Voice of Korea which broadcasts from Pyongyang, North Korea. The Voice of Korea gives outsiders a good opportunity to experience genuine broadcasts directly from the DPRK. With the passing of Kim Jong-il, I figured this would be an interesting time to tune in and was certainly not disappointed.

Here is a recording from the 12/21/11 VOK news segment on 13650.  

The North Korea Tech has an excellent recording from the Voice of Korea broadcast where Kim Jong-il’s passing is announced over the air.

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F/V Wizard Medevac

On Nov 7, 2011 the USCG Communications Station Kodiak received a call from the 150-foot Seattle-based fishing vessel Wizard regarding a 28 year old crew member that had collapsed and was showing signs of dehydration and shock. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter operating in the area was able to medevac the man from the boat and transport him to emergency medical personnel in Cold Bay. The Wizard is one of the crab fishing vessels featured on the hit show Deadliest Catch and is captained by Keith Colburn.

The US Coast Guard Communications Station Kodiak released the audio recording from the distress call and can be listened to below.

Listen to the audio 



Interesting digital sounding voice comms monitored last night on 4739 kHz in USB. Apparently this was a crosspatch being utilized by the US Navy TOC in Jacksonville, FL, allowing transmissions from a UHF net to be heard by their players on HF. I am told this was a DAMA voice channel and the robotic sounding comms are 2.4kbps ANDVT.

Listen to the audio 



Caught this earlier today right on the bottom edge of 40 meters. Not sure how to explain this one better, other than listening to the clip. Talk about creepy!

Listen to the audio 



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