Chanters Revisited

Those odd chanting stations were monitored late this afternoon on 26225 kHz USB. Usually a bunch of stations join in and chant some word over and over for about 10-20 seconds. Quite similar to the odd activity that is often heard on 7000 kHz LSB and 11425 kHz USB. It is suspected that the comms on 7000 and 11425 may originate from Indonesia. However the activity on 26225 kHz activity remains a mystery for now.

Listen to the audio 



  1. spektre’s avatar

    My friend sadly those are Mexicans on 26225 kHz speaking foul language using echo delay and someone else joining the game I’m not going to interpret the wording but is truly low and dirty stuff my friend and by the way great job and outstanding website,simple yet highly informative keep it up 🙂


  2. Juan Gustavo’s avatar

    A listen Fishing call a pancho a nearby station speak two vaseel a one interferenece.who it`s PANCHO
    Gran Canaria,bye


  3. mikey’s avatar

    I have also observed this odd activity from my location in north east oregon. I would have to agree with spektre, sounds like spanish speakers.


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