Japan Earthquake Recordings

Here are some high frequency audio recordings of radio traffic monitored after the Japan earthquake. Communications are in both Japanese and English.

5708 kHz USB Japanese Rescue aircraft. I believe the callsigns are Rescue 81 and Rescue 93. Talked about switching to frequency Papa 33 Sierra.  

6640 kHz USB Hawaiian 457 wkg Hawaiian Dispatch in regards to earthquake status and conditions are Haneda International Airport. The Hawaiian Airlines dispatcher gives the flight a prepared statement to read to passengers.  

6727 kHz USB Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces. Mostly weather for airports.  

6751 kHz USB Many flights giving position reports around Tokyo and other areas along the coastline. Aircraft were most likely conducting recon flights and assessing damage from the tsunami.  

6742 kHz USB This frequency had Japanese sounding aircraft and other related traffic. Also noticed some data bursts (or encryption) on a regular basis.  

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    Thank you for your work. It’s scary to listen to all of this.


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