Jesuit Missionaries on SATCOM?

Recently a member on RadioReference forums reported hearing clear voice English speakers on one of the UHF SATCOM transponders. Finally! Something other than Brazilian pirates! Upon further listening it was determined these folks may be Jesuit Missionaries working in Bolivia.

Here is recorded audio of their radio traffic monitored on 263.820 MHz.

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  1. Cecil J. Riggles Jr.’s avatar

    Just heard the missionaries a few minutes ago on my scanner on 263.8200 mhz nfm. The milsatcom frequencies they use are below. They also use 8760 khz on HF or was it 8670 khz, one of the two.

    Channel 1 – 263.6800 Mhz nfm
    Channel 2 – 263.5800 Mhz nfm
    Channel 3 – 263.8200 Mhz nfm



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