Libya Commando Solo Broadcast on 10405 kHz

Lately there has been some exciting stuff monitored from the Mediterranean region out of Libya. One of them being the Commando Solo broadcasts from a Lockheed EC-130J aircraft c/s “Steel 74″operating in the region. Part of the mission has been to broadcast warning messages to the Libyan Navy advising sailors to leave their ships or face deadly consequences. Frequencies 6877 and 10405 kHz USB have been used over the past week.

Here’s a recording taken this morning via remote SDR in Germany.  

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  1. Myke’s avatar

    This is driving me crazy. I’ve been waking up early trying to catch this station for a week. Thanks for the recording (although I won’t be happy until I catch my own)…!


  2. Brandon’s avatar

    I’m still hoping to catch it locally. Tried this morning but it was a no-go here. I only had digital noise on that freq, so I had to rely on a SDR-RADIO from Germany. It’s cheating… sure, but I wanted to hear it for myself 😀


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