Logs 1-Sep-2011

4369 USB 1013z: ShipCom maritime radio automated voice with station identification and sign off.  

5080 USB 1457z: Swiss Ladder 0302 wkg Hostile Method 08 with talk about jet skis and surfers in the water.  

5740 USB 0155z: Mexican Navy with Spanish language comms.

6522 USB 0156z: Fishermen with southern USA accents.

6580 USB 0205z: Unid station running Tadiran voice scrambler.

7000 USB 0200z: Harris AVS scrambled comms.

10895 DSB 0211z: Link-11 data

11175 USB 0036z: Ground Radio Maintenance clg any station for HF radio check.  

11175 USB 0038z: Reach 3113 wkg Offutt for HF radio check.  

11175 USB 0059z: Long John with EAM message SU7F6J.  

13231 USB 1002z: ANDVT

13264 USB 1005z: Shannon Volmet with Europe airports weather.

13380 AM 2017z: V02a numbers station in progress.

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