Logs 10-Apr-2011

13261 USB 0103z: San Francisco wkg Coast Guard 1717 w/ ATC clearance to FL260.

10024 USB 0616z: N991LF wkg Lima Radio (not heard) requesting deviation for weather. Gulfstream V operated by ILFC. Route unknown.  

11330 USB 0628z: Tokyo wkg Asiana 2811 w/ ATC clearance to FL390. Boeing 747-400. Los Angeles to Seoul.  

11330 USB 0726z: Dynasty 005 wkg Tokyo. Boeing 747-400 en route Los Angeles to Taipei.

11253 USB 0759z: RAF volmet

7747.5 USB 0930z: Fishermen w/ Australian accents.

8746 USB 0943z: unIDed YL possible telephone link w/ noticeable background noises.  

7740 USB 0956z: unIDed OM station singing Adhan – Islamic call to prayer.  

7862.5 USB 1008z: unIDed OM w/ traffic regarding weather and sea conditions.  

  1. kristin’s avatar

    7740 USB unid OM singing/its’ Adhan call to prayer/usually just the same recording used all over the world//


  2. Brandon’s avatar

    Hi Kristin.
    Many thanks for the info. I thought it sounded like it too. Indonesia perhaps? Always something interesting to hear 🙂



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