Logs 10-Nov-2010

11494 USB 0035z: Foxtrot 35 secures guard w/ CAMSLANT airborne from CGAS Corpus Christi and reports position 26.10N 097.09W.

7527 USB 0046z: Kilo 15 wkg CAMSLANT w/ flight ops.

5732 USB 0517z: November 01 wkg CAMSLANT w/ position 28.06N 092.15W.

5574 USB 0735z: Giant 8173 wkg San Francisco w/ position report. Boeing 747-200. En route from Travis AFB to Hickam AFB.

8843 USB 0747z: Flightwatch wkg Juliet Victor Bravo. Said something about IFR established and squawk 4442. Very weak signals.

5699 USB 1607z: Juliet clg Golf Zulu w/ no response heard.

5699 USB 1613z: Golden Gator clg Title Town multiple times, no joy.

5693 USB 1724z: USCGC Aspen pass whiskey figures of 33.58N 119.01W to USCGC Boutwell. On next report both stations went secure.

5693 USB 1853z: USCGC Boutwell wkg USCGC Aspen and reports position 33.08N 120.20W course 286 at 9 knots.

20890 USB 1849z: Coast Guard 1720 wkg CAMSLANT come up on secure COTHEN, then into ANDVT.

11175 USB 2207z: Alpha Foxtrot 201 wkg Offutt HFGCS station for radio check.

18594 USB 2255z: CommSta Kodiak wkg Juliet 34 request they sound radio per request from Service Center.

11175 USB 2257z: Arctic Fox w/ Offutt HFGCS station for p/p to DSN 271-7190 and wkg Colorbar for orderwire coordination.

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