Logs 13-Apr-2011

10024 USB 0514z: N55AL clg Guayaquil Control w/ no response heard. Gulfstream G550 en route Denver Centennial Airport to Santiago de Chile.  

10024 USB 0612z: Aeromexico 028 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300 from Mexico City to Buenos Aires.

10024 USB 0739z: Lan Chile 600 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300 from Lima to Los Angeles.

10024 USB 0756z: Argentina 1384 wkg Cenamer Radio. Airbus A340-300 from Buenos Aires to Mexico City.

10024 USB 0829z: Lan Peru 2608 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300 from Lima to San Francisco.

7740 USB 1219z: unIDed Asian voice comms and occasional music.  

13282 USB 1416z: Hong Kong volmet. Male automated voice.

8992 USB 1456z: Whiskey Alpha 394 wkg McClellan for phone patch. Both stations very weak.

8912 USB 1811z: Coast Guard 1714 wkg CAMSPAC reports airborne from San Francisco Airport w/ 38 POB en route to Pt. Mugu on transit mission.  

7527 USB 1823z: Coast Guard 1714 wkg Service Center for phone patch to CGAS Sacramento operations.

12222 USB 1828z: Omaha 2MR wkg Hammer on “central node” in the clear.

8971 USB 2048z: Redhook 802 and Redhook 804 in comms.  

18594 USB 2149z: CAMSLANT wkg Juliet 35; flight departed Myrtle Beach, South Carolina en route back to CGAS Elizabeth City.

8912 USB 2244z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC reports flight ops normal and position 26.39N 115.17W.  


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