Logs 15-Feb-2011

8912 USB 0145z: Foxtrot 41 secures radio guard w/ CAMSLANT reports on final to home plate CGAS Corpus Christi.

5690 USB 0804z: Japanese accented male wkg unheard station. Station also transmitted RTTY sounding data between voice comms.

5589 USB 0808z: Fishermen in QSO discussing an eighty pounder. Stations used profanity and identified with first names.

5643 USB 1348z: Nadi wkg VeeOz 2 w/ sigmet advisory for moderate thunderstorms in the Nadi flight information region observed within area 08.30S 170.36E – 12.24S 176.24E – 08.36S 178.30W – 13.30S 175.48W – 14.12S 178.42W – 12.42S 170.30E – 08.30S 170.36E tops to FL400. VAU2 is a Boeing 777-300ER operated by V Australia. En route from Los Angeles to Sydney.

5643 USB 1352z: Nadi wkg Pacific 822. Boeing 737-700 en route from Christmas Island, Kiribati to Honolulu.

5634 USB 1508z: Mauritius Radio wkg Malaysian 204. Boeing 777-200 en route from Johannesburg to Kuala Lumpur.

7527 USB 1856z: Kilo 69 calling TSC (Service Center) for radio check. Both report lima charlie.

11494 USB 1935z: CAMSPAC wkg Coast Guard 1703 and relays message from Sector San Francisco about the training mission w/ USCGC Tern. 1703 acknowledges and informs CAMSPAC they are in comms w/ cutter Tern on 21A.

8912 USB 2135z: CAMSLANT wkg Kilo 58 for ops and position. Kilo 58 reports 30.15N 082.05W.


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