Logs 15-Jun-2010

8983 USB 0202z: CAMSPAC clg CG 1711 w/ no response heard. CAMSPAC signal extremely over-modulated making them nearly impossible to understand.

5320 USB 0738z: USCGC Resolute wkg various US Coast Guard Cutters in Gulf of Mexico. Cutter Resolute requests whiskey figures from USCGC Diamondback, USCGC Elm, USCGC Juniper, USCGC Marlin, USCGC Seahawk and USCGC Heron.

5320 USB 0848z: USCGC Resolute wkg Keys 10 (sound like) and assigns them to work w/ Task Force 1 and 3. USCGC Resolute relays to Keys 10 that Task Force 1 is monitoring 81A and Task Force 3 is monitoring 83A and to advise Cutter Resolute of any reports they get.

5320 USB 0952z: USCGC Cypress wkg USCGC Resolute; reports they have no product to offload.

11175 USB 1519z: McClellan wkg November 46. Attempt p/p to DSN 942-2047 but loses comms.

11175 USB 1602z: Ranger 01 wkg McClellan for p/p to DSN 739-2915 Ranger Base.

11175 USB 1830z: Icer 22 wkg Andrews for p/p to DSN 453-3101 Minot Command Post. Icer 22 reports co-pilot hatch window has shattered and will be aborting mission RTB to Minot w/ an ETA of 1hr 40m.

15867 USB 1939z: CG 1720 wkg CAMSLANT reports position 26.29N 084.44W.

7527 USB 2022z: CG 1718 wkg CAMSPAC reports ops normal and position 39.31N 119.69W.

11175 USB 2031z: Quest 26 wkg McClellan for p/p to DSN 837-5517 Travis Command Post.


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