Logs 15-Mar-2011

13224.2 USB 0154z: Waverider 06 wkg Pipeline for HF radio check in the clear and then switched green followed by ANDVT.  

6695 USB 0340z: Fishermen with heavy XXX language.

8980 USB 0404z: OMs in Arabic language.  

5565 USB 0537z: Luanda wkg Springbok 221. Airbus A340-200 en route from London to Cape Town.

5565 USB 0539z: Luanda wkg Lufthansa 572. Airbus A380 en route from Frankfurt to Johannesburg.

4491.5 LSB 0649z: Fishermen talking about the Japanese earthquake.

4475 USB 0655z: OMs in Spanish language. One callsign sounded like Lima Segundo. Poss. Mexican Military.

5655 USB 1435z: Singapore wkg Cebu 501. Airbus A320 en route from Manila to Kuala Lumpur.

8992 USB 1453z: Ranger 36 wkg McClellan for radio check.

8992 USB 1507z: Andrews with EAM message A4AME6 for Silicon and Atomic Jet.  

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