Logs 16-Feb-2012

4125 USB 1018: Harvey War Horse II (WDE2447) clg any vessel for radio check. Commsta Kodiak reponds but vessel does not seem to copy.  

5642 USB 1230: Fishermen w/ comms regarding what time they would be setting in the morning.

5795 USB 0311: Dark Cloud wkg Blacklist for radio check and requests update on mission 1513.  

8078 USB 0029: Blacklist wkg Dark Cloud and advises that all helicopter missions have been cancelled for the evening.  

9025 USB 0406: 205147 clg HIK in ALE then voice comms w/ Hickam Maintenance wkg Hickam about doing secure voice checks. Hickam advised unable on ALE and instructs them to call Mainsail on 11175 or 8992.  

11175 USB 2219: Aircraft 4138 clg any station for HF ops check. Pit Mouth acknowledges and reports loud and clear but unable on secure voice.  

11196 USB 2241: Coast Guard 1704 wkg Commsta Kodiak w/ position 55-01N 163-49W.

11198 USB 0413: Khabarovsk Control wkg Korean Air 072. Boeing 777-200 from Vancouver to Seoul.

12222 USB 0018: Service Center clg Omaha 5MR in the clear, then both stations into comms w/ DVP-200 digital voice privacy.

16077 USB 2132: G323 (US Army Corps of Engineers) sounding in ALE.

  1. Jared Soergel’s avatar

    Any idea what the 5795/8078 comms are from? Sounds like USMC activity (fixed-wing and rotary-wing references), but I’m not familiar with those freqs.


  2. Jared Soergel’s avatar

    Also, I found a reference of BLACKLIST as a callsign for Twentynine Palms range control…not sure if it’s accurate, though.


  3. Brandon’s avatar

    Yeah I was thinking 29 Palms as well. They were talking about weather conditions and that was the same day we had some storms roll through. Also monitored them during mid day hours, so the comms had to be fairly close.


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