Logs 16-Jan-2013

3203 USB 0305: 4AG taking check-ins from NF114AZ, NF114BC, NF114BG, NF11BJ and others.

5655 USB 0258: Fishermen w/ XXX language.

5696 USB 0320: Coast Guard 1704 wkg Commsta Kodiak w/ flight ops and position of 59-38N 151-07W.  

6715 USB 0011: Demon 25 and Vancouver Military with radio checks. Demon 25 did not seem to copy Vancouver after multiple attempts.  

8912 USB 0117: Foxtrot 13 requesting radio guard from Sector Corpus.  

11159 USB 0111: Sumo 43 wkg Elmendorf for phone patch to Hickam Metro and request weather for PHIK.

11175 USB 2251: Ascension w/ test count.  

11232 USB 2350: Canforce 2202 w/ ops normal report to Trenton Military and estimates 0110Z arrival time into Cold Lake.  

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