Logs 16-Jun-2010

5320 USB 0239z: USCGC Seahawk wkg USCGC Resolute w/ position and discussion about oil slick.

5320 USB 0829z: CG Aircraft 2307 wkg USCGC Resolute; has comms w/ M/V Seabrook and they have boats in area ready to go.

5320 USB 0839z: USCGC Resolute clg Romeo Charlie 26 but no response heard.

5320 USB 0904z: USCGC Cypress wkg USCGC Resolute w/ position.

5320 USB 0920z: USCGC Resolute requests Keys 10 to contact the New Jersey Responder on 81A.

5320 USB 1004z: USCGC Resolute wkg USCGC Diamondback and wants to know if they have comms w/ Task Force 2.


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