Logs 16-Mar-2011

8974 USB 0619z: Airforce Auckland wkg Kiwi 82 for radio check.  

5450 USB 0642z: Royal Air Force volmet.

5505 USB 0644z: Shannon volmet with weather for Copenhagen Kastrup.

4724 USB 0937z: McClellan with 46 character EAM message A4WKFB.

4724 USB 1010z: Elmendorf with test count.

4724 USB 1013z: Andrews with communications test count.  

8992 USB 1031z: Offutt wkg Copter 23921. Flight headed to Fort Rucker with 10 POB and maintain flight following check-ins every 15 minutes.

4724 USB 1257z: Yokota with skyking message: FKU time 57 authentication SB.  

11175 USB 1530z: Aircraft 066 clg any station for HF radio check.

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