Logs 16-May-2012

8912 USB 1051: OPB clg SAR in ALE then Parkhill comms.

10242 USB 0149: Omaha 8MR wkg Miami Ops regarding vessel w/people on board that appears DIW. 8MR to overfly vessel for better look and see whether people are in distress or if its a smuggling venture. 8MR said they would be on Net-1 and CG-111 for the USCG cutter.

10986 USB 0331: USCG Auxiliary stations NF11BN wkg NF85LA and 7DA taking check-ins to District 17 net and ended up QSY to frequency B5E.

11175 USB 1428: Offutt w/unheard aircraft repeating EAM message FCJ2V5.

13224.1 USB 0236: Dragonclaw 17 wkg Pipeline w/ talk about TOI. Dragonclaw 17 troubleshooting secure comms and will continue to pass information in the red via Ramrod.

13231 USB 0731: Unclouded clg Triple Zero on high fox red.

13312 USB 1823: CRB clg D47 in ALE then into Parkhill comms.

14422 USB 0633: OMs and YL in Italian language.

16546 USB 0540: VMC Australia maritime weather broadcast.


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