Logs 17-Apr-2011

10057 USB 0305z: Philippine 104 wkg San Francisco. Boeing 747-400 from Manila to San Francisco.  

10057 USB 0313z: Air Canada 049 wkg San Francisco. Boeing 767-300 from Vancouver to Kona.  

10024 USB 0347z: Lan Chile 801 wkg Santiago. Airbus A340-300 from Santiago to Auckland.  

9007 USB 0424z: Canforce 4039 wkg Trenton Military for selcal check on HQBJ.

10024 USB 0734z: Lan Peru 627 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300 from Mexico City to Lima.

8942 USB 1025z: Go Cat 2992 wkg Manila. Airbus A320 from Singapore to Taipei.  

8942 USB 1113z: Jetstar Asia 765 wkg both Singapore and Manila w/ position report. Selcal JSAG. Airbus A320. 9V-JSC. Singapore to Manila.  

8942 USB 1114: Malaysian 2662 wkg Singapore. Boeing 737-400 from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu.  

8942 USB 1118z: RP-C4737 wkg Manila. Selcal DGBE. Route unknown.  

8942 USB 1234z: Philippine 732 wkg Manila. Selcal GHEJ. Airbus A320. RP-C8615. Manila to Bangkok.  

8942 USB 1319z: Asian Express 5188 wkg Singapore. Airbus A320 from Kuala Lumpur to Miri.  

8942 USB 1320z: Brunei 97 wkg Singapore. Selcal LSFQ. Boeing 777-200. V8-BLC. Bandar Seri Begawan to Dubai.  


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