Logs 17-Feb-2012

5687 USB 0110: AMC Heavy 5143 wkg Offutt troubleshooting secure voice comms.  

5732 USB 0406: AQD and PAC w/ ALE linkup followed by USCGC Jarvis wkg CAMSPAC Pt Reyes for radio check.

5778.5 USB 0103: CH285 clg PIAOPS in ALE mode.

8991.9 USB 0036: Males in Spanish language.

10045 USB 2348: SA1 sounding in ALE mode.

11175 USB 0056: Offutt wkg AMC Heavy 5143 and requests they QSY to 5687 for secure voice checks.

11175 USB 1919: Offutt wkg Boeing 51 and advises they are unable to perform selcal checks and gave them HF frequencies for San Francisco ARINC.  

11244 USB 0052: Transfix w/ EAM message 5JEQZO.

11282 USB 2024: Ghost 53 wkg San Francisco w/ position report.  

13288 USB 2014: Reach 4186 clg San Francisco and was told to call back on 11282.  

13312 USB 2034: TSC clg GVT in ALE then Service Center clg Golf Victor Tango in USB voice w/ no response heard.

15050.5 USB 0040: Males in Spanish language.


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