Logs 17-Jun-2010

8912 USB 1910z: CG 1707 secures guard w/ CAMSPAC, has 7 POB and en route to San Diego on parks run.

12222 USB 1953z: CAMSPAC clg Juliet 01 several times but no response heard.

8912 USB 2018z: CG 1707 wkg CAMSPAC reports ops normal and position of 33.58N 118.27W.

11175 USB 2111z: Ghost 21 wkg McClellan for p/p to DSN 351-8333 Ghost Base.

11175 USB 2115z: Akela 58 wkg McClellan for p/p to DSN 246-9482 Coyote Ops; departed DMA en route KABQ.


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