Logs 17-Mar-2011

11232 USB 0028z: Thumper wkg Trenton Military for DSN phone patches to Best Deal, Bigfoot and Pain Ops. Pain Ops gave Thumper primary frequency of Zulu 150 and secondary Zulu 105.

11256 USB 0043z: unIDed OM in accented English wkg unheard station.

9016 USB 0047z: Thumper clg Pain Ops for radio check.  

4582 USB 0302z: Yosemite 68 and Yosemite 527 requesting final check-ins to the Yosemite CAP net.  

9034 USB 0631z: Japan Self Defense Forces with Japanese language comms and occasional data bursts.  

6751 USB 0803z: Japan Self Defense Forces aircraft comms in both Japanese and English language.  

6739 USB 1249z: Canto 90 wkg Anderson HFGCS station for phone patch to Yokota Command Center followed by another patch to Anderson Metro.

5696 USB 1252z: Coast Guard 1701 wkg Sector Honolulu and CAMSPAC Pt Reyes. Flight has 14 POB departed Barbers Point en route to Yokota Air Base, Japan.  

4736 USB 1316z: Japanese accented OM wkg Rescue 0562 giving weather conditions.  

5696 USB 1409z: Coast Guard 1701 wkg CAMSPAC with flight ops and position 21.13N 167.43W.  

5667 USB 1420z: Cargolux 658 wkg Tokyo with position report. Selcal FJEP. Boeing 747-400. LX-YCV. Hong Kong to Anchorage.

5667 USB 1425z: Tokyo wkg Korean Air 011 with ATC clearance to FL350. Boeing 747-400 en route from Seoul to Los Angeles.  

8992 USB 1447z: Nasa 805 clg any station for HF radio check.  

5693 USB 1452z: ANDVT

18594 USB 2355z: 19 Charlie wkg Panther and informs hoist complete with crew member and patient on board. ETA to Nassau minute 40 and gave position of 23.17N 078.55W.

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