Logs 17-May-2012

6990 USB 0453: Unid oddity station w/repeating message: “She had your dark suit in greasy wash water all year. Don’t ask me to carry an oily rag like that. They used an aggressive policeman to flag thoughtless motorists.”  

8173 USB 0509: Males w/simplex comms. Stations were using Codan radios.

8291 USB 0654: USCG Communications Area Master Station Pacific w/notice that Camspac Pt Reyes and Commsta Honolulu are unable to respond to DSC alerts and requests vessels to contact via alternate means in the event of an emergency.  

10024 USB 0541: Spirit Wings 155 clg Cenamer Center and is told to contact them on 124.600. Airbus A319 from Hollywood FL to El Salvador.  

11220 USB 0332: Lajes clg Reach 102 w/no joy.

11342 USB 0348: Alaska 836 wkg San Francisco. Boeing 737-800 from Honolulu to Oakland.

12222 USB 2310: Omaha 718 clg Service Center and requests secure then into DVP-200 comms.  

20890 USB 0248: 41E clg Z19 in ALE then Coast Guard 33141 wkg Sector Corpus Christi w/comms about a vessel 2 miles north of the border.  


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