Logs 18-May-2011

4860 USB 0356z: Unknown “ops” clg another unknown station.  

4888 USB 0358z: Mexican Navy unsecured comms OMs in Spanish language.

5715.5 USB 0423z: RBEBNCMD2 clg ALPHCOBNCMD2 in ALE mode.

5732 USB 0041z: Omaha 465 wkg Service Center for key troubleshooting.  

6688 USB 0258z: ANDVT

7527 USB 2121z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC w/ position 38.57N 122.37W.

8912 USB 2128z: Parkhill encrypted comms followed by Omaha 6 Romeo Echo wkg Hammer (unheard) for HF radio check.  

13231 USB 0630z: Unclouded clg Dragonclaw 54 in the red.  

13312 USB 2312z: November 11 wkg CAMSLANT departed ATC Mobile w/ 9 POB for local trainer.

14582 USB 0018z: 24 Charlie wkg Panther w/ ops and position.

16558 USB 0504z: Simplex comms between OM and YL in Tagalog language. OM gave a lot of numbers and occasional laughing.

17196 USB 0542z: unIDed OM station with heavy breathing/moaning sounds like they were pleasuring them self over the radio. Went on for a good 15-20 mins. Very bizarre!  

17314 USB 2242z: USCG automated broadcast possible malfunction. “Iron Mike” robotic voice reading gibberish text instead of the usual high seas WX.  

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