Logs 19-Aug-2010

17904 USB 0126z: San Francisco wkg Delta 277 and gives secondary of 11384. Boeing 747-400 en route from Honolulu to Kansai.

17904 USB 0251z: San Francisco wkg Pacific 391 w/ ATC clearance for weather deviation. Boeing 767-300 en route from Nadi to Hong Kong.

17904 USB 0252z: San Francisco wkg Flight Check 85 to confirm if they are landing in Majuro and what their arrival time is.

17904 USB 0254z: San Francisco wkg J-Ways 772. Boeing 777-200 en route from Sydney to Tokyo Narita.

17904 USB 0258z: San Francisco wkg CDG5541 w/ clearance. Boeing 737-800 delivery for Shandong Airlines. En route from Marshall Islands to Saipan.

17904 USB 0259z: San Francisco wkg Delta 626 w/ clearance to deviate 30 miles left of route. Boeing 757-200 en route from Nagoya to Guam.

17904 USB 0304z: San Francisco wkg Trek 20. Boeing C-17A based from Hickam Field. Unknown route.

17904 USB 0305z: San Francisco wkg Indonesia 8011. Boeing 737-800 delivery for Garuda Indonesia. En route from Marshall Islands to Biak-Mokmer, Indonesia.

17904 USB 0312z: San Francisco wkg Korean Air 122; cleared to deviate 10 miles left of track. Boeing 747-400 en route from Sydney to Seoul.

17904 USB 0322z: San Francisco wkg Air Mike 957 w/ clearance. Boeing 737-800 en route from Weno Island, Micronesia to Guam.

13231 USB 0458z: Unclouded clg Echo Lima 953 on High Fox in the red.


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