Logs 19-May-2010

8843 USB 1503z: N167AA wkg San Francisco for selcal check on DJCF. Gulfstream G-IV registered to AAI Aviation Inc.

8843 USB 1553z: Omni 302 wkg San Francisco w/ position. McDonnell Douglas DC-10. NAS North Island to Honolulu.

8843 USB 1745z: Air China 051 wkg San Francisco. Selcal QSDH. Boeing 737-800. B-5508. Delivery flight en route from Boeing Field to Honolulu.

8843 USB 2045z: Boeing 004 wkg San Francisco. Flight cleared to operate within lateral confines of 28.30N 128.30W, 28.30N 121W, 23.30N 121W, 23.30N 128.30W and to report ops normal each hour. Additional clearance requests and other traffic passed. Boeing 787-8. N7874 (ZA004).


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