Logs 2-Aug-2010

6565 LSB 0356z: Fishermen.

8279 USB 0406z: Spanish comms duplex with 8803 kHz. Gave coordinates off western Mexico and mentioned Mazatlan.

6688 USB 0424z: ANDVT

6768 AM 0430z: Cuban Lady V02 numbers station w/ 5 figure groups in Spanish.

6516 USB 0432z: Sailing vessel ‘Culebra’ WDE9089 casual chit chat w/ unheard station.

4125 USB 0613z: Alaskan waters maritime weather net.

8213 USB 0618z: Fishermen.

6555 USB 1243z: Fishermen.

8837 USB 1304z: Magadan Radio wkg Continental 88 w/ selcal check. Boeing 777-200. Beijing to Newark.

8837 USB 1311z: Magadan Radio wkg United 850 w/ selcal check and instructs flight to continue CPDLC. Boeing 777-200. Beijing to Chicago.

11175 USB 1722z: Tuff 23 wkg McClellan for p/p to DSN 781-4409.

11175 USB 1726z: Lima Lima 97 wkg McClellan for radio check.

9031 USB 1915z: US military tracking net w/ Golf Whiskey, Echo, Golf, Delta, Mike, Lima and Oscar in comms.

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