Logs 20-Sep-2011

4125 USB 0641z: WBM5092 Pt Thompson wkg KWL38 w/ position of 60.20N 147.57W reporting overcast conditions w/ heavy rain.  

8837 USB 1200z: Magadan Radio wkg Korean Air 086. Boeing 777-300ER from New York to Seoul.  

8912 USB 0144z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC informs they have one AIS contact for good samaritan vessel to assist if needed. Coast Guard 1712 also requests that Bigfoot be informed they will be operating on active SAR near the ADIS.  

8912 USB 0218z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC discussing info about incident.  

8912 USB 0225z: Coast Guard 1712 request CAMSPAC contact district to find out what vessel they need to contact. CAMSPAC gets back to Coast Guard 1712 and informs them the vessel is APL Canada callsign A8CG6.  

8912 USB 0409z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC reporting flight ops normal and position 34.22N 127.54W.

8983 USB 0455z: Unidentified USCG station w/ test counts. Signal was extremely distorted/overmodulated.

10784 USB 0732z: Unid OMs in Russian language. Very busy net. Russian military?  

11175 USB 0650z: Hickam wkg Taboo 03.  

13927 USB 0311z: AFA2CM clg Reach 480 but has trouble copying.

13940 USB 0312z: Simplex comms w/ OM and YL. Unknown language possibly French.

16295 USB 2316z: OM in Tagalog language.

17362 USB 2313z: Shipcom maritime radio station WLO w/ high seas weather forecasts. Simulcast noted on 17260 kHz.

17946 USB 2249z: San Francisco Radio wkg Yangtze River 7463. Boeing 747-400 from Shanghai to Los Angeles.

18000 USB 2228z: Simplex comms w/ OMs in Spanish language.

19555.5 USB 2224z: OMs in Spanish language w/ lots of “cambios” used.

23711 LSB 2308z: OMs in Spanish language. Occasional whistling.

26595 AM 2201z: OM in Spanish language. Suspect “freebanders” using modified CB equipment w/ melodic roger beeps that followed transmission.  


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