Logs 22-Aug-2010

8891 USB 0259z: Pakistan 712 wkg Gander. Selcal check on BDAF. Boeing 777-200LR. AP-BGY. New York JFK to Lahore, Pakistan.

6640 USB 0739z: Air India 101 wkg New York. Flight needs 4 wheelchairs upon arrival. Selcal BDPS. Boeing 777-200LR. VT-ALD. New Delhi to New York JFK.

6640 USB 0752z: United 58 wkg San Francisco for p/p to United Airlines Dispatch. Unable to copy and QSY to 11342.

11342 USB 0755z: United Airlines Chicago Dispatch w/ United 58 via p/p from San Francisco ARINC but still unable to copy. San Francisco relays message to the dispatcher about the flight reporting their right FMC failed. Dispatch has San Francisco relay to flight that Sam will contact them via ACARS.

8942 USB 1152z: Indonesia 863 wkg Singapore. Airbus A330-200 en route from Hong Kong to Jakarta.

10522 USB 1207z: V13 New Star Broadcasting Station.

11279 USB 2011z: Gander wkg United 897 w/ clearance from Edmonton ATC. Boeing 777-200. Washington Dulles to Beijing.

13354 USB 2018z: Air Transport 410 wkg San Francisco. McDonnell Douglas DC-8-60 en route from Travis AFB to Hickam AFB.


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