Logs 22-Feb-2011

8000 USB 0021z: Bloodhound 300, Bloodhound 701, 401 and 442 wkg Surveillance tracking vessels located within the hazard area. This is a coordination net for the Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile defense system test off San Nicolas Island.

8000 USB 0158z: 442 advising “99 Bloodhounds” to switch to tertiary for comms w/ Surveillance.

2781.5 USB 0241z: Bloodhound 302, 340, 341, 442 and Surveillance in coordination net for Arrow 2 anti-missile test from San Nicolas Island.

5080 USB 0413z: Diane G wkg Caw One on w/ casual sounding QSO about plans for tomorrow.

2781.5 USB 0624z: 442 passes report of “6 minutes and counting” to 99 Bloodhounds. At 0630z station 442 reports “target away”.

2781.5 USB 0638z: 442 advised 99 Bloodhounds cleared to RTB via the holding points and to not enter the pattern.

11282 USB 2134z: San Francisco wkg Raider 08.

11232 USB 2243z: Chalice Fox wkg Corner Stone reporting issue with SATCOM and asks if they can have radio maintenance help troubleshoot. Will call back in 20 min to allow them to coordinate the maintenance request. Station terminates p/p w/ Trenton Military signs off as Sentry 30.

11220 USB 2245z: Sumo 03 wkg Offutt for p/p to March Base Ops and passes updated arrival time. Sumo 03 requests additional p/p to March ARB Metro and requests weather for arrival time.

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