Logs 22-Sep-2010

8891 USB 0443z: Gander wkg Etihad 150. Selcal BRFL. Airbus A340-600. A6-EHL. Chicago to Abu Dhabi.

8891 USB 0447z: Gander wkg KLM 602 w/ Sigmet. Boeing 747-400. Los Angeles to Amsterdam.

6556 USB 1335z: Jakarta wkg Singapore 234. Boeing 777-300 en route from Sydney to Singapore.

6556 USB 1351z: Etihad 450 wkg Jakarta. Airbus A340-600 en route from Abu Dhabi to Sydney.

6556 USB 1356z: Etihad 471 w/ position report to Jakarta. Flight advised to contact Colombo on 11285 primary or 5670 secondary. Boeing 777-300 en route from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi.

6556 USB 1427z: Jakarta wkg Qantas 42. Airbus A330-300 en route from Jakarta to Sydney.

12222 USB 1551z: November 01 wkg CAMSLANT reporting position 29.17N 088.52W.

12222 USB 1749z: Female operator identifies as “CommSta Kodiak” clg unheard unit. Service Center then heard wkg Juliet 38 and requesting them to resound their radio.


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