Logs 23-Aug-2010

10024 USB 0338z: American 940 w/ position report to Lima Radio. Boeing 767-300 en route from Santiago, Chile to Dallas.

8891 USB 0524z: KLM 606 wkg Gander w/ position 60N 40W at FL350. Boeing 777-300ER. San Francisco to Amsterdam.

8891 USB 0528z: Delta 7 wkg Gander. Boeing 777-200LR. Dubai to Atlanta.

8891 USB 0539z: Continental 49 wkg Gander. Flight diverting to Goose Bay for fuel. Boeing 777-200. Originally en route from Mumbai to Newark.

8891 USB 0548z: Air France 007 wkg Gander. Selcal FMBK. Airbus A380. New York JFK to Paris.

8891 USB 0601z: N767VA wkg Gander w/ position 60N 40W at FL380. Selcal check on JPDL. Boeing 767-200 operated by Vision Airlines. (note: Some speculate these flights are operated for the CIA. Here is an interesting article about this company)

8297 USB 0617z: Maritime simplex comms. Users had Australian accents.

8951 USB 1422z: China Eastern 581 wkg San Francisco. Given 10057 for secondary freq. Airbus A340-300 en route from Shanghai to Vancouver.

8951 USB 1439z: Japan Air 7902 wkg San Francisco. Selcal BRCL. Boeing 747-400. JA8902. Tokyo Narita to Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville.

8912 USB 1702z: Hammer wkg 139 on “central node” in the clear.

11175 USB 1830z: Icer 12 wkg McClellan reporting ops normal.

12222 USB 2015z: CAMSPAC wkg Kilo 16; reports loud and clear.


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