Logs 23-Sep-2011

5711 USB 0400z: King 58 wkg Moffett Rescue.

6542 USB 0311z: Fishermen. English speaking w/ US accents.

7527 USB 0015z: CAMSPAC wkg Coast Guard 1701 for flight ops and position.  

8912 USB 1658z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC reporting airborne from Sacramento en route to Miramar.

8971 USB 0229z: Orion 21 wkg Western Sky w/ red and green comms.  

10500 USB 0259z: OMs in Spanish language.

10784 USB 0850z: OMs in Russian language.  

11208 USB 0350z: Japanese accented OM wkg unknown station w/ mixed English and Japanese. Possible JSDF comms.

11220 USB 0339z: Hickam clg unknown Reach aircraft. Occasional ANDVT also noted.  

25910 FM 0136z: Presumed WBAP 820AM Dallas, TX remote broadcast pickup w/ Laura Ingraham show in progress.  

25990 FM 0134z: KSCS 96.3FM Dallas, TX remote broadcast pickup w/ station promo and identification.  

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