Logs 24-Aug-2010

10024 USB 0216z: Lan Peru 2609 w/ position report to Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300. San Francisco to Lima.

10024 USB 0220z: Lan Chile 601 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300. Los Angeles to Lima.

11232 USB 0246z: King 85 wkg Trenton Military for p/p to King Ops.

17904 USB 0322z: Air Mike 957 wkg San Francisco. Boeing 737-800 en route from Kosrae Island to Pohnpei, Micronesia.

17904 USB 0326z: San Francisco wkg Lion 01 w/ clearance to cruise FL400 and to report once on the ground at Majuro. Boeing 737-900 delivery for Indonesia based Lion Airlines, en route from Honolulu to the Marshall Islands.

17904 USB 0330z: Hawaiian 455 w/ position report to San Francisco. Boeing 767-300. Honolulu to Manila.

11390 USB 0443z: Magadan Radio wkg Air China 982 and requests report at ORVIT. Boeing 747-400. New York City to Beijing.

13282 USB 0455z: Auckland volmet signoff, then followed by Honolulu volmet broadcast for Alaskan airports.

5735 USB 0502z: Spanish language comms. Users had roger beeps each time they keyed up.

8992 USB 0539z: Andrews HF-GCS station w/ EAM message IN435C.

6651.3 LSB 0543z: Fishermen USA accents.

6221.6 USB 0549z: Simplex. Males unid Asian language.

16546 USB 0552z: VMC Australia automated voice broadcasting maritime weather for the Gold Coast.

16453 USB 0554z: Simplex comms. Man and woman in Asian sounding language.

4125 USB 0605z: KWL38 wkg several vessels w/ forecasts for Alaska region.

6837 USB 0628z: Unid whale sounds.

6730 AM 1333z: V24 numbers station w/ music followed by female voice reading groups in Korean language.

6765.1 USB 1346z: Bangkok Meteorological Radio automated voice weather broadcast for Thailand area.

8912 USB 1423z: Hammer clg Omaha 295 then both stations switch to Parkhill encrypted voice.

8912 USB 1500z: CG 1707 wkg CAMSPAC reporting ops normal and position 39.06N 121.56W.

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