Logs 24-Mar-2013

5693 USB 0334: Coast Guard 1708 attempting to raise USCG surface assets on SVN Alpha. Multiple calls to USCGC Haddock, USCGC Alert and USCGC Tern in USB voice & ANDVT but no joy.  

5837 USB 0811: ZG7DB sounding in ALE.

11244 USB 2236: Base Line (sound like) w/ EAM message PMGQEY. Simulcast on 8776 and 13155.

11282 USB 1932: Pistn 72 wkg San Francisco. Selcal checked JSCK. En route from KMCF to PHNL.  

11282 USB 1935: Reach 9016 wkg San Francisco. Selcal checked FRQS. En route from KSUU to PHIK.  

12239 USB 2350: X-ray Whiskey with roll call for Echo, Lima, November, Oscar and Mike.  

14452.5 USB 2221: CFARS net in progress w/ CIW681 asking for check-ins from 300 district stations.  

16420 USB 2309: Unk stations (possibly Filipino) asking for a radio checks in English.  


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