Logs 25-May-2010

6640 USB 0433z: Hawaiian 9 wkg San Francisco in p/p to Medlink regarding child w/ fever. Flight stated they actually have 2 medicals on board and would like paramedics meet them upon arriving in Honolulu. Boeing 767-300. Los Angeles to Honolulu.

6666.6 USB 0648z: Simplex comms. OM’s in unid Asian language.

6697 USB 0720z: Shag Lant (sound like) w/ EAM message: CQICKCCFJBWDIPZ2FC7IWJDKMYTD. Heavy background noise present when they transmitted.

5643 USB 1008z: Qantas 108 wkg Nadi w/ report of 140W in Oakland FIR and request relay message to San Francisco as they are unable to raise them. Boeing 747-400. Los Angeles to Sydney.

6640 USB 1520z: Ryan 2950 wkg San Francisco ARINC for p/p to their dispatch.

6640 USB 1615z: Alaska 869 wkg their dispatch via p/p through San Francisco ARINC in regards to something about a battery discharge light. Flight instructed to divert to San Jose and will have a spare aircraft available there. Boeing 737-800 en route to Kahului. Here is FlightAware link showing divert to San Jose.

11342 USB 2137z: G-OCSE wkg San Francisco (unheard) for selcal check on HLDJ. Flight mentioned Grand Junction, Colorado. Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 operated by Ocean Sky Aviation.


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