Logs 26-Feb-2010

18594 USB 1559z: 22C wkg Panther reports 53nm bearing 246 from Yankee 3.

5909.5 USB 1742z: CG 6585 advises Zulu 28 (Sector Los Angeles) that they will be near the Pebbly Pad at Catalina. Sector LA requests 6585 to call them on HF ALE after dropping off crew to see how they pick them up from out there.

5732 USB 1804z: Kilo 69 secures guard w/ CAMSPAC. Has 4 POB and their homeplate is Humboldt Bay.

8912 USB 1832z: Radio check between Service Center and Omaha 01L.

11494 USB 1931z: Zulu 28 clg Kilo 85 and reports loud and clear. Followed by Service Center and Zulu 28 w/ test counts.

8912 USB 2016z: CG 1718 wkg CAMSPAC reports airborne out of Sacramento w/ 9 POB for training off the coast of Pt Reyes.

8912 USB 2120z: CAMSPAC clg CG 1718 for ops and position. CG 1718 reports flight ops normal, position 38.29N 122.37W.

11494 USB 2252z: Foxtrot 31 wkg CAMSLANT reports airborne w/ 8 POB, en route from El Paso, TX to homeplate w/ ETA of 2 and a half hours.

13907 USB 2300z: CG 1500 wkg CAMSLANT reports flight ops normal.

7527 USB 2311z: CG 1700 wkg CAMSPAC and requests they contact CGAS Sacramento or CAMSLANT to find out if 1715 is airborne and their ETA to Sacramento.

7527 USB 2313z: CAMSPAC advises CG 1700 that CG 1715 has an ETA of 1930 local.


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