Logs 26-Mar-2011

8867 USB 0358z: N5NG wkg unIDed aero station (poss. Tahiti Radio) w/ position report. Gulfstream IV-SP owned by Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. Route unknown.  

8894 USB 0445z: ADB2506 wkg Nouakchott. Antonov An-124 operated by Antonov Design Bureau. UR-82008. Route unknown.

5649 USB 0454z: CRG631 wkg Gander for selcal check on FKDL. McDonnell Douglas MD-11 operated by Cargoitalia. EI-UPE. En route from Atlanta to Milan.

8989 USB 0642z: unIDed OMs in unknown Asian sounding language.

6695 USB 0811z: Fishermen talking about walking around on the back deck with a guitar playing Elvis Presley.

6529 USB 0823z: unIDed ground station wkg Singapore 11 in English and wkg another flight in Russian language.

5574 USB 0847z: United 9914 wkg San Francisco. Boeing 767-300. Kahului to San Francisco.

7850 USB 0843z: CHU Canada time station w/ English and French announcements.  

6692 USB 0939z: N421QS clg Khabarovsk several times. unIDed station also heard blowing into the microphone. Gulfstream IV en route from Anchorage to Tokyo.  

8122 USB 1431z: Sailing vessels discussing weather in Baja.

18594 USB 1600z: CAMSLANT secures radio guard for Coast Guard 2001 who is on final to CGAS Elizabeth City.

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