Logs 26-Sep-2011

4675.5 LSB 0439z: Fishermen.

4741.5 LSB 0523z: Fishermen.

5719.4 USB 0905z: ANDVT

5726 USB 0859z: ANDVT

6830.5 USB 0449z: ANDVT

8711.1 LSB 0232z: Fishermen w/ talk about American football games and cracking jokes about Tony Romo’s name.  

8725 USB 0911z: Duplex maritime phone link w/ YL in Russian language.

8912 USB 1716z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC w/ position 34.57N 118.44W

8980 USB 1403z: Unid OMs in Asian sounding language.

9013 USB 0913z: Japanese accented OMs exchanging traffic; suspect Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces.  

9057 USB 1719z: Majority wkg Equality to inquire if their station is ready to copy HF data. Equality informs negative due to equipment malfunction. Frequency was referred to as Zulu 160.  

10784 USB 0615z: OMs in Russian language. Based on signals likely coming from Asiatic Russia/Sea of Okhotsk region.  

11282 USB 1700z: C-GYBX wkg San Francisco Radio w/ position of 32.05N 127.37W. Air Tractor AT-802 en route from Santa Maria to Hilo.  

14484 USB 2052z: Granite Century clg Step Mother followed by station wkg Looking Glass w/ exercise message traffic.  

14484 USB 2207z: Desert Eagle wkg Poker Face.  


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