Logs 27-Mar-2011

8122 USB 0148z: WPXU557 “Summer Passage” wkg another vessel that is headed to Easter Island.  

8957 USB 0352z: Shannon volmet giving WX for Hamburg and Brussels.

8848 USB 0356z: unIDed OMs in Arabic language.

8734 USB 0405z: Olympia Radio marine services with announcements in Greek and English.  

3250 AM 0451z: HAARP transmission.  

5598 USB 0510z: Giant 8240 wkg New York w/ position report. Boeing 747-200. Dover AFB to Frankfurt Hahn.

4491.5 LSB 0520z: Fishermen w/ XXX language.

5450 USB 0524z: RAF volmet YL robotic voice.  

16100 AM 0549z: Chinese firedrake jammer. Simulcast on 17170 and 14950 kHz.

9007 USB 0551z: Trenton Military wkg Canforce 3825 and provided weather for EGPK (Glasgow Prestwick) and EGQK (Kinloss).

13125 USB 0828z: Maritime phone link w/ YL in Russian language. Signal mixing w/ Chinese firedrake jammer broadcasting on 13130 kHz.  

12365 USB 0846z: VMC Australia Weather East w/ coastal waters forecast for South Australia.  

8310 USB 0905z: unIDed OM w/ Indian accent wkg other station in English.

6730 AM 1300z: Korean numbers station V24 w/ YL reading 5 figure number groups.  

10040 USB 1408z: unIDed YL sounded like she was singing. Signal very weak.  

12502 USB 1415z: unIDed OMs in Asian sounding language.


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