Logs 28-Mar-2011

16572 USB 0108z: Alpha Six or Malago clg Seven Two.  

10754 LSB 0118z: unIDed OMs exchanging numbers in Spanish language.

6745 USB 0132z: Tadiran HF-2000 voice scrambled comms.

5253.5 USB 0253z: NF114CZ wkg NF114BV talking about antennas and coax.

6202 USB 0704z: unIDed OM in Spanish. Sounded a bit excited at times.  

5800 AM 0711z: HAARP transmission w/ varied tones.  

7553 USB 1327z: Chinese numbers station V26.

8942 USB 1350z: Seair 7797 wkg Singapore w/ position report. Singapore also asked flight if they could try to raise Philippine 505 on 121.5. Airbus A319 operated by South East Asian Airlines en route from Singapore to Angeles City, Philippines.

14582 USB 1517z: CAMSLANT wkg November 06 for ops and position.

18594 USB 2026z: CAMSLANT secures guard for Coast Guard 1714 who reports on final to CGAS Sacramento.

8912 USB 2252z: Kokomo wkg Coast Guard 1703.

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