Logs 28-Oct-2011

4125 USB 0728: Alaskan Leader wkg Commsta Kodiak. Vessel reports DIW due to fire in engine room. Gives position N 55° 12′ 37″ W 167° 32′ 5″ drifting north at one knot. The captain reports that the FV Frontier Explorer (another boat en route to assist) is less than 10 miles away, has them on AIS and can see their light on horizon. Alaskan Leader and Commsta Kodiak to remain on 30 minute comm schedule.  

4125 USB 0733: USCG Kodiak Communications Station w/ Pan-Pan urgent marine broadcast regarding the situation involving the FV Alaskan Leader.  

4125 USB 0828: Commsta Kodiak wkg Alaskan Leader for status update. Alaskan Leader reports position and advises on status informing they have engine door open and ventilating, but has extensive damage, trying to get one auxiliary to run and waiting for tug boat out of Dutch Harbor. Alaskan Leader also informs Kodiak that the Frontier Explorer has arrived on scene and that condition is stable w/ no emergency.  

4125 USB 1057: Alaskan Leader w/ Commsta Kodiak advising they have established contact with the USCGC Sherman on VHF.

4350 USB 0437: Tadiran HF-2000 by pass w/ males in Spanish language.

4450 USB 0133: Unid MARS stations in QSO w/ talk about earthquake fault zones in the Pacific Northwest and South America.

4575 USB 0139: AFA9LL, AFA9CM and AFA9VG in Air Force MARS net.

5417 AM 0233: Cuban V02a numbers station in progress. Signal cut in and out and w/ terrible sounding audio.

5693 USB 0223: Unid stations w/ ANDVT comms.

5732 USB 0209: Service Center and Alpha 20 troubleshooting issue w/ voice privacy mode.  

11175 USB 0037: Raider 19 wkg Offutt for DSN phone patch to the Miramar VAL line and passed updated ETA. Raider 19 requests another phone patch to Miramar weather for updated forecast.

11175 USB 1435: Andrews w/ EAM message 6YSZKZ.  

11175 USB 1602: Offutt wkg Aircraft 1356 for radio check then went secure.

11218.4 USB 0118: Torch Control wkg Torch 29 w/ comms about troubleshooting some type of text message system.  

11220 USB 2005: Thunder 332 and Offutt conducting radio checks in clear and secure voice. Thunder 322 also self identifies as C-130 aircraft.  

11220 USB 2205: Hazard 74 w/ McClellan phone patch in progress to duty desk w/ discussion about airfield closure at 1800 due to contractor work.

11232 USB 1707: Dragnet Uniform clg Trenton Military for signal check. Canforce 2257 also heard clg Trenton Military reporting from sector 9, however neither aircraft makes contact.  

15721 LSB 0409: Russian S06 numbers station in progress.  

23072.6 USB 2228: NOJ clg 713 in ALE followed by Commsta Kodiak clg Coast Guard 1713 several times w/ no joy.


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