Logs 28-Sep-2011

5080 USB 1527z: Swiss Ladder 0302 wkg Hostile Method 08.  

5449 USB 1304z: Unid YL in Chinese repeated message and sign off.  

6673 USB 0450z: NASA 747 wkg San Francisco Radio. Boeing 747SP for NASA’s SOFIA airborne observatory.  

6673 USB 0451z: Navy Papa Delta 767 wkg San Francisco Radio.  

6695.5 USB 0446z: Fishermen. Both spoke English but one had a Pacific Islander sounding accent.

6697 USB 0447z: Unid stations in ANDVT.

6925 USB 0153z: Red Mercury Labs w/ station id and gave email address of [email protected] for reception reports. Brief op chat from another station and shout out to listeners.  

8131 USB 0505z: English accented OM wkg unid station. Mentioned Pago Pago and New Zealand. Stations begin to have trouble hearing each other and agree to meet up again at 8AM.

8971 USB 2019z: Orion 36 clg Western Sky and requests they kick green.

11175 USB 2303z: Offutt wkg Reach 7028.

11175 USB 2351z: McClellan clg Offutt in plain text w/ no joy. McClellan calls again and switches to cipher text.  

13907 USB 2005z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC reporting position 39.13N 123.51W.

14582 USB 2345z: Coast Guard 1716 wkg CAMSLANT reports ops normal and position 27.57N 082.57W.

18594 USB 1622z: Coast Guard 1720 wkg Sector Key West requesting they assume their radio guard.


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