Logs 29-May-2013

7915 USB 0151: MARS stations AFA9LL and AFA9CM in comms.  

9073.5 USB 2311: Lima Charlie 52 wkg Lima Charlie 75 and requesting status of Lima Charlie 48. Lima Charlie 48 informs that he is making the approach to pier 12. Users referred to freq as secondary.  

9340 USB 1106: Sydney wkg Canberra Control for HF radio check.  

  1. Paul’s avatar

    You always get some interesting and unique stuff on hf.
    Your are a master at finding freqs that seem to be only used for a day or so.
    I’m guess Lima Charlie 48 is Landing Craft Utility (LCU) 1648


  2. bilford moore’s avatar

    how about LCAC 48,52,75;


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