Logs 29-Sep-2011

4575.5 LSB 0632z: Fishermen. OMs in English discussing tide change.

5696 USB 0534z: Coast Guard 1700 clg Sector Honolulu w/ no joy.

5714 USB 0714z: ANDVT.

5725 USB 0525z: Unid Tadiran HF-2000 voice scrambler.

6733 USB 0510z: TASCOM wkg Alpha Whiskey Charlie 8210 pass weather for Roberts International Airport (GRLB) in Liberia.  

7527 USB 1801z: CAMSPAC wkg USCGC Alert (not heard) for radio check.

8439 USB 0634z: OMs in Russian language. Heavy feedback in background. Related to activity previously logged on 10784kHz.  

8912 USB 0001z: Juliet 33 wkg Zulu 29 reports position 32.42N 117.51W.

8915 USB 0658z: Tokyo Radio wkg Eva 655 w/ sigmet for severe turbulence forecast from 155E to 147E between FL330 and FL360.  

8971 USB 2240z: Orion 39 wkg Western Sky in the blind reporting ACU has comm guard. Orion 39 reports radar status is Kilo Alpha.

8983 USB 0051z: CAMSPAC wkg Rescue 1714 w/ tasking from D11 for search pattern around 29.36N 133.20W. CAMSPAC passes additional coordinates for search grid/corner points.

8983 USB 0107z: Rescue 1714 wkg CAMSPAC reporting on scene and passes WX report. Gives position report of 29.21N 133.07W.

9028 USB 2223z: Echo and Romeo wkg Golf Charlie w/ track reports.  

11190 USB 2015z: Mike, Tango, Charlie Whiskey in comms. Air warning net w/ stations giving track reports and talk about engaging all positive hostiles. Also comms from Sierra 7 Victor clg for radio check.  

11220 USB 1921z: ANDVT.

12222 USB 2201z: R00184 and RCC159 in ALE followed by voice comms from Army Copter 00184 clg Drake w/ no joy. Service Center comes up and informs they copy but do not hear Drake 159.


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