Logs 3-Apr-2013

4065 USB 0447: Unid stations running Tadiran voice security.

5732 USB 2324: BCQ calling BCQ2 in ALE then into Parkhill encryption.

6133 LSB 0216: Unid fixed stations with 2 male ops discussing politics, talking about Karl Marx and voicing their displeasure with Barack Obama.  

6823 USB 0151: 6TV wkg 6SF talking about Fort Huachuca Army MARS and “Desert Eagle” callsign.  

10242 USB 1937: Coast Guard 1701 w/ CAMSPAC giving position report of 30-28N 117-16W.

11175 USB 0304: Reach 601 wkg Offutt for HF radio check.

11300 USB 0202: Tripoli wkg Khartoum regarding flight 782. Very weak but not often heard at my location.  

14902 USB 0144: Iowa Cap 4 looking for stations from northeast, middle east and southeast regions.  

16531 USB 0341: Taupo Maritime Radio with automated WX report for the Southern Ocean and Antarctic region.

18825 USB 0249: Sailing Vessel Starship (CFN5910) w/ YL making several calls to boats for the Pacific Puddle Jump net. Came here after conducting net on 8294 kHz. No other vessels heard and station promptly closed the net.  


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